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  1. restaurant industry
    Americans Are Eating Out Less — Should Restaurant Owners Be Worried?Where have all the diners gone?
  2. cookbooks
    A Baking Book That Celebrates the Science of Junk FoodStella Parks’s debut champions American desserts and the role advertisers and corporations have played in shaping them.
  3. grub guides
    15 Black Friday Deals on Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Actually UseThese are the utensils (and a few snacks) you’ll want to pick up while they’re on sale.
  4. Home Cookin’
    How to Make the Arepa Lady’s Arepas, Care of the Forthcoming FoodWe’ve got the recipe!
  5. Home Cookin’
    Do Dinner Parties Still Happen? ‘Sh-t, Yeah!’“Bard students like to throw dinner parties, and they like to throw dinner parties hard.”
  6. Home Cookin’
    A New Delivery Service for Stay-at-Home GourmandsIntroducing 19 Charles.
  7. Home Cookin’
    Thundersnow Ice Cream!Best eaten with pickles.
  8. Home Cookin’
    Oh, This One Looks EasyPaula Deen has a 31-word recipe for peas.
  9. Home Cookin’
    Symon in Turkey Fight With Batali: ‘Stick to Pasta!’To brine or not to brine?
  10. Home Cookin’
    Bye-Bye, BirdiesTwo reporters kill their own turkeys.
  11. How Do You Make That?
    How to Make Cookshop’s Pumpkin Chanterelle Corn Bread PuddingYou asked for the recipe, and we fetched it.
  12. In the Magazine
    What Would Mario Batali’s Mom Make for Thanksgiving?A dozen chefs share their family T-Day recipes.
  13. Home Cookin’
    Where to Find Taste No. 5 (Umami in a Tube!)Add that special, ineffable, savory wonderfulness to any dish.
  14. Home Cookin’
    Two Things: Umami in a Tube, Cheeseburger in a GlassThe elusive “fifth sense” is now available in paste form.
  15. Home Cookin’
    Halloween Food Fun Without Egging Anyone!Learn how to make beer in a pumpkin and put together a “Sexy Michael Pollan” costume.
  16. Home Cookin’
    Completely Nuts: Watch a Squirrel Become DinnerIs cooking squirrel “positively ethical”?
  17. How Do You Make That?
    How to Make Kefi’s Shrimp With Orzo and TomatoYou asked for the recipe, now here it is.
  18. Home Cookin’
    Fried Fish Skeletons and Other Local Chef Innovations
  19. Home Cookin’
    DeLucie, Perry Lang Go on Man DatesCooking demos on ‘Kimmel’ and ‘Fallon’ last night.
  20. What to Eat
    Having a Ball With Lamb and Deer TesticlesFirst of all, they tend to explode. Plus, try lamb testicles at Joe Doe.
  21. Home Cookin’
    Market Watch: New Amsterdam Raises Funds, Bay Ridge and Fort Greene Co-ops GetSara Jenkins and farm-to-table pioneer Odessa Piper team up.
  22. Home Cookin’
    Secrets of Strawberry MilkMomofuku’s Christina Tosi shows how to beat Quik.
  23. Home Cookin’
    Coveted La Frieda Burgers Now Available at FreshDirectBurger flipping just got way more glamorous.
  24. Home Cookin’
    Rock-Star Chef — LiterallyThis has to be the first time soft-focus footage of a fish fillet has been paired with a soaring guitar solo.
  25. Home Cookin’
    Bagels: To Buy or to Bake?And should you make the cream cheese or buy it instead?