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Homaro Cantu

  1. Expansions
    Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas Are Opening Another RestaurantIt’ll be in Homaro Cantu’s former Moto space in Chicago.
  2. RIP
    Remembering Chef Homaro Cantu, an Innovator Who Stood Apart From the CrowdThe pioneering, technology-focused head of Moto in Chicago died yesterday at the age of 38.
  3. Food & Think
    Elitism, Or: Mmm, This Laser-Cooked Big Mac Tastes As Good As The Real ThingIs our food culture snobbish— or democratic?
  4. TV Shows
    Cantu Goes Down In Iron Chef Rematch; Plans iNG Pop-Up Swap With Bread & WineCantu’s rematch ends in defeat.
  5. Classes
    Want To Cook Your Own Lunch at Moto? Sign Up for Chef Cantu’s Laboratory CookingSpend an afternoon in the Moto kitchen.
  6. Interview
    Homaro Cantu on Miracle Berries, Chewing Tin Foil, and the Best Peanut-Butter“We worked on that peanut-butter-cookie recipe for six months.”
  7. Video Feed
    Watch As The Miracle Berry Flash Mob Storms Water TowerFlash mob!
  8. Chefs
    Here’s Homaro Cantu on Good Morning AmericaThe miracle berry gets its closeup.
  9. Books
    Homaro Cantu’s Saving the World, Starting With Good Morning America andHomaro Cantu is pushing miracle berries.
  10. Deals
    Moto Goes Back in Time, Charges 2004 Prices for DinnerEat for less at Homaro Cantu’s restaurant through January 11.
  11. Video Feed
    Watch Homaro Cantu’s CookING Under Pressure HereThe debut of Homaro Cantu’s show about creating food at iNG.
  12. Chefs
    Running With Chef’s Knives: Read Homaro Cantu’s Life Story on FacebookHomaro Cantu’s life story is spilling out on Facebook.
  13. Interviews
    Meet The Kid in the Kitchen at Moto and iNG, Jack FlahartyWho’s that kid in the kitchen at iNG (and Moto and EL…)
  14. Chefs
    The Aviary To Debut First Brew; Homaro Cantu Gets Big Truffle, Denies ChrisHomaro Cantu says comment section rumor isn’t so, imagine that!
  15. Chefs
    Is Homaro Cantu Aiming To Save Post Office With Edible Stamps?Homaro Cantu’s plan will keep the postman on his appointed rounds.
  16. Events
    Get Free Tickets to Homaro Cantu’s Chicago Live Appearance ThursdaySee Homaro Cantu and Ian Schrager interviewed live on stage.
  17. Chefs
    Homaro Cantu Says, Don’t Mess With the Laptop of a Man With His Own LaserHomaro Cantu is tracking his laptop’s thief’s life online.
  18. Chefs
    Homaro Cantu: ‘All Restaurants Should Have a Lab’Homaro Cantu is building a super lab.
  19. Renovations
    Moto Closes for Kitchen RevampDon’t try to get into Moto this week.
  20. Awards
    Manny’s Deli and The Rosebud Honored with Street Signs, Which Restaurant isThis might explain why you get so hungry driving around.
  21. Booze News
    iNG Opens Patio with Flavor-Tripping CocktailsThese are cocktails are crazy even for Cantu.
  22. Beefs
    Our Five Favorite John Mariani AccusationsOur five favorite accusations against John Mariani.
  23. Openings
    iNG is Open for BusinessHomaro Cantu’s iNG opened last night.
  24. Slideshow
    What to Eat at iNG, Plus a First Look InsideiNG will open for a series of dinners over the next few weeks, but will officially open in March.
  25. Coming Soon
    iNG to Open for Valentine’s DayLooks like iNG will be opening up in four days.
  26. Coming Soon
    iNG to Serve Edible Charcoal?Would you eat something that looked like charcoal?
  27. Coming Soon
    Take a Small Peek into IngTake a look inside Ing.
  28. Coming Soon
    First Look at a Dish From Ing, Whatever It IsIng teases us with picture of a mysterious dish.
  29. Preview of What to Eat at IngWhat do you think udon from Ing will actually look like?
  30. Booze News
    Are You Ready for a Pad Thai Martini?Ing certainly will be different.
  31. Coming Soon
    More Details on Ing and the Dining Designation of the WorldCantu reveals more details about Ing.
  32. Closings
    Ing Takes Over OtomIng looks like it will be taking over the space of Otom.
  33. Coming Soon
    Homaro Cantu Announces IngWhat should we expect from the man behind Moto?
  34. Behind the Soundbite
    Behind the Soundbite: Moto’s MatrixA look at Moto’s ingenious, proprietary computer system, Matrix.
  35. Video Feed
    Homaro Cantu and Mberry Sweeten Meals for Charity DinnerHomaro Cantu has developed a menu for a cancer patients using the miracle fruit.
  36. Back of the House
    Bid to Be Homaro Cantu For a DayThe Chicago Law Foundation’s annual auction includes the chance to work in the kitchen at Moto.
  37. TV Land
    Homaro Cantu’s Future Food Will Air On Planet GreenCantu’s program premieres in early 2010.
  38. TV Land
    Moto’s Private Dining Room Is Becoming A TV SetIs this what we’ve all been waiting for?
  39. Free Stuff
    Moto Rewards Live-Twittered DinnersChef Homaro Cantu rewards twitterers with free drinks and more.
  40. Chefs Gone Wild
    Homaro Cantu’s Mysterious Edible Disruption Keeps Barreling ForwardNew clues emerge about Homaro Cantu’s enigmatic Edible Disruption Technology Platform
  41. Chef Shuffle
    Chef Thomas Bowman In At OtomA new chef for Otom.
  42. VideoFeed
    ‘Future Food’: Is This Homaro Cantu’s TV Pilot?Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche engage in culinary science-project hijinx.