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Holiday Dining 2015

  1. Dinner Parties
    How Fashion Designer Han Feng Prepares Arctic Char for 10 — With a Side ofShe looks to New York’s restaurants for both sustenance and inspiration, and her Nomad kitchen has come to resemble the ones used by the city’s best chefs.
  2. Dinner Parties
    See Laurent Tourondel Serve Suckling Pig in a Candlelit Sewer TunnelA dinner party for “the Internet’s Coolest Teenager” and his friends.
  3. Gallery
    Dinner for Two in JFK’s Historic TWA TerminalThe former flight attendant and her husband ate recipes prepared from the chefs’ new cookbook.
  4. Holiday Dining 2015
    27 Unique, Only in New York Ideas for Your Next PartyFrom ice-skating and grilled cheese in Prospect Park to a sit-down catered dinner in the Strand’s rare-book room.
  5. Spicy
    Beyond Sriracha: 6 Hot Sauces You’ll Want to Put on EverythingFrom squeezable harissa to a habanero-and-pineapple Hawaiian concoction.
  6. Dinner Parties
    Jim Gaffigan’s Epic Ansel Dessert FestOne Saturday afternoon, after the children had run off all their excess energy in the park, they found Ansel at their apartment, laden with boxes of his latest desserts.
  7. The Desert Island Gourmet
    6 Discerning Eaters Pick Their Desert-Island FoodsAlex Stupak’s chile pepper, David Chang’s MSG, and more items that pros can’t live without.
  8. Guides
    21 Ways to Booze Up Your Guests This Holiday SeasonBeer, wine, and cocktail pairings from the professionals.
  9. Gallery
    Inside Mission Chinese Food’s Brisket-and-Dumplings Dinner Party for theThe challenge: Create a pop-up restaurant in a theater foyer to feed a starving ensemble — and crew and everyone’s guests — in a manner befitting the years-long hype of the bicoastal restaurant sensation.
  10. Home Cooking
    50 Pantry Essentials for the Modern GourmetAn all-inclusive, chef-inspired, food-trend-monitoring shopping list, from achaar to za’atar.