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Hog And Rocks

  1. Lists
    Yet Again, No Women Among the Chron’s Rising StarsThat would make four years running of no females in the mix.
  2. Groceries
    Get a Customized CSA Box With Recipes From Local Chefs
  3. Booze You Can Use
    Pimp Your Old Fashioned at Hog & RocksIt’s a mini-menu from bar manager Michael Lazar.
  4. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Adores the Burger at Hog & RocksBauer gives Robin Song’s burger a stamp of approval.
  5. The Other Critics
    Anna Roth Says M.Y. China Is Decent, If Overpriced; Miller Reviews Bars WithMiller loves the new drinks at Rich Table and Hog & Rocks.
  6. Chef Shuffles
    New Menu and New Chef on the Way at Hog & RocksHis name’s Robin Song, and he comes from Haven and Plum.
  7. Previews
    Check Out a Rendering of the Upcoming Hi-Lo BBQIt’s going to have multiple levels, and meat by the pound.
  8. Foodievents
    S.F. Legend George Morrone to Pop Up at Hog & RocksThe fine-dining chef wants to stretch his legs in a more casual setting.
  9. Pre-Previews
    Maverick/Hog & Rocks BBQ Spinoff Will Be Called Hi-Lo
  10. Empire Building
    Scott Youkilis’s Meaty New Project Takes Shape [Updated]The place is due to open sometime this year, probably before summer.
  11. Chef Shuffles
    Emmanuel Eng Comes on as Maverick Chef; Scott Beattie to Do Fancier Drinks atEng was a former sous chef at Sons & Daughters.
  12. Crime Scenes
    Fifteen-Year-Old Suspect Held in Murder of Hog & Rocks CookThe teen was already in custody on an unrelated charge.
  13. Crime Scenes
    Marina Denizens Think Recent Shootings In Mission Make the ‘Hood More’It has some cachet,’ quoth one of the ladies.
  14. Foodies With Benefits
    Hog & Rocks to Host Fundraiser for Slain Cook
  15. Crime Scenes
    Hog & Rocks Line Cook Killed [Updated]The victim in Monday night’s shooting in the Mission has not been identified.
  16. Crime Scenes
    Shooting Outside Hog & Rocks May Have Critically Injured Employee
  17. Empire Building
    A Few More Details Emerge About Scott Youkilis’s 19th Street BBQ ProjectThe place is meant to be modeled on Fette Sau in Brooklyn.
  18. Deals
    Taste a Flight of Whiskeys at Hog & Rocks’ Derby DaysThe flight of three is $16.
  19. Empire Building
    Scott Youkilis of Maverick/Hog & Rocks to Open BBQ Joint on 19th StreetThe Hog & Rocks team is teaming up again on a space across the street.
  20. The Other Critics
    Bauer Respects Hog & Rocks, Predictably Gives It a ‘Bomb’ Sound
  21. The Other Critics
    Kauffman Loves the Patty Melt, But Not the Noise, at Hog & Rocks; Ha! Reidinger