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  1. discoveries
    Archaeologists Discover World’s Stalest Piece of BreadTalk about ancient grains.
  2. This Is the Story of the HamburgerIts rise from a lowly patty of chopped meat to the aristocracy of foods; its charismatic and delicious descendants; the arguments it inspires — over ethics and blends and tastes; and Silicon Valley’s attempt to replace it with a meat that is not meat at all.
  3. Events
    Partying Like It’s 1893 Last Night at Atwood CafeA meal fit for a 19th century president.
  4. History
    America’s Oldest Gay Bar Is Turning 80It officially opened in 1933, right after Prohibition, but was likely a gay speakeasy before that.
  5. History
    The Site of the SoMa Whole Foods Was Once a Leather BarThe entrance was right around where the produce section is now.
  6. Superamp
    How Ramps Became Spring’s Most Popular, and Divisive, IngredientAaron Copeland and Ruth Reichl had something to do with it.
  7. History
    S.F. Has Forever Been a Food Town
  8. History
    A Ghost of Hamburgers Past Appears on AshlandA forgotten hamburger chain revealed under a familiar restaurant’s paint.
  9. History
    Tour Through S.F. Restaurant History, Via Vintage MatchbooksA Bay Area native has been collecting these things for 30 years.
  10. History
    The Woman Who Fed Martin Luther King Jr. in ChicagoLooking back at how the Civil Rights movement ate in Chicago.
  11. Bars
    More on Twin Peaks Tavern, the Landmark Castro Bar Affectionately CalledThe ‘Chron’ profiles the bar and talks more about its history.
  12. History
    Sun-Times Pays Tribute to Chicago’s Last Hillbilly Bar, Carol’s PubInside Chicago’s last true honky tonk.
  13. History
    Own a Great Big Jug of History: McJordan Barbecue SauceA jug of McJordan BBQ sauce is for sale! Hurry!
  14. History
    The Forgotten History of Chicago’s Hillbilly HeavenRemembering the redneck heyday of Uptown.
  15. Bloggers
    Travel the Tamale Trail From Mississippi to Chicago With BloggerBlogger goes down to Mississippi in search of tamale roots.
  16. Closings
    For the Pump Room as We Know It, the End is in SightJanuary 30 is the last day of live music at The Pump Room, and then it gets turned over to the hands of the uber-glitzy hotelier Ian Schrager.