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  1. Hinsch’s Unplugged
    Hinsch’s in Bay Ridge Loses Iconic Neon SignageThe old marquee was damaged during cleaning.
  2. Name Changes
    Hinsch in Bay Ridge Now Called ‘Mike’s Hinsch’Changes at the Bay Ridge luncheonette.
  3. Never Mind
    Hinsch’s in Bay Ridge Will Remain Open, Expand HoursThe luncheonette, which was always cool, will try to be cooler.
  4. Closings
    Hinsch’s in Bay Ridge Is Really, Truly Closing in MarchBay Ridge will have no more egg creams.
  5. Closings
    Bay Ridge Egg Cream Mecca Hinsch’s ClosesHinsch’s Confectionery was 63 years old.
  6. Empire Building
    Help P&H Soda Open Its Own Kitchen and YOU Can Be the Next Dr. PepperAnton Nocito is a man with a SodaStream and a dream.