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Hillary Clinton

  1. Bill and Hillary Clinton Had Dinner at Upland, Yet AgainThe Clintons just can’t get enough of Justin Smillie’s West Coast Italian cooking.
  2. still with her
    A Full Restaurant Burst Into Applause When Hillary Clinton Stopped in for DinnerCustomers took multiple selfies of the #queen.
  3. food and politics
    Hillary Clinton Ate at Estela Last NightContinuing an Obama administration tradition.
  4. stronger together
    Clinton Quietly Supported Comet Ping Pong After the ‘Pizzagate’ ShootingHillary and Bill bought “tons” of pizzas and donated them to a local after-school program.
  5. the chain gang
    Hillary Clinton Reportedly Wanted Howard Schultz As Her Labor SecretaryInstead, America’s probably getting the guy from Carl’s Jr.
  6. 2016 election
    Chef José Andrés Has Joined Hillary Clinton on the Campaign Trail“Let’s elect a leader who knows everybody belongs.”
  7. it’s with her
    Check Out This Burger Shop’s Massive Hillary Clinton MuralD.C.’s Z-Burger has made a rather conspicuous 2016 endorsement.
  8. ’Merica Will Be NYC’s First Restaurant Properly Celebrating All Things FreedomExpect flags, assault weapons, and a T-Rump Mexican Burger.
  9. wage fight
    Fast-Food Workers Plan a Massive Wage Protest at the First Presidential DebateA reminder that “if these candidates want to get elected, they will support our cause.”
  10. i’m with her
    Starbucks CEO Endorses Hillary ClintonDespite her position against the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  11. Hillary Clinton Invites Chefs to Endorse Her With RecipesMario Batali, Dominique Ansel, and plenty of others are already onboard.
  12. The Tipping Game
    Hillary Clinton Jumps on the No-Tipping BandwagonShe also praised Governor Andrew Cuomo for his support of the Fight for $15.
  13. Grill Swag
    You Can Now Buy ‘Chillary Clinton’ Beer Koozies and aThey’re available at the presidential candidate’s web shop.
  14. News You Can Booze
    Hillary Clinton Kicked Off Memorial Day Weekend With Some BeersShe toured Smuttynose Brewing Company in New Hampshire.
  15. Booze News
    Hillary Clinton’s Nonxistent Presidential Campaign Gets Its Own WineClinton Vineyards (no relation) launches Victory White.
  16. Diplomacy
    Mourad Lahlou Named State Chef in Ceremony Led By Hillary ClintonIt’s called the Culinary Diplomatic Partnership and it formalizes the role that’s already been played by the James Beard Foundation in suggesting chefs to cook for state events.
  17. Diplomacy
    Exports: Top Chef and Actual Chefs Being Shipped Overseas’Top Chef’ goes to Europe, and top chefs go abroad.
  18. Simply Ming
    Ming Does D.C., Feeds HillaryMing Tsai cooks for dignitaries.
  19. Celebrity Settings
    Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Supped at Zuni Last NightAlso, she likes whiskey sours.
  20. Mediavore
    Flavor Flav Sued Over Fried Chicken; Compartes Chocolatier Partners With FaithSo far, chocolate maker Jonathan Graham has donated over 5,000 boxes of chocolate nuts to the island nation’s shelters.
  21. Mediavore
    Hillary Goes Nutter at Buddakan; Michael Pollan Is Not HappyPlus: old-school dim-sum restaurant HSF shutters, and hope for Jefferson Market, all in our morning news roundup.
  22. In Other Magazines
    Food Writers Dwell Happily in the Past This MonthThe best stories in this month’s crop of food mags are old. Saveur, which leads the year off with the Saveur 100, runs highlights from the WPA’s unpublished 1937 opus, America Eats, a documentary record of American foodways that is only now seeing the light of day; the images excerpted here are evocative and beautiful and make us eager to see the America Eats book to be published (finally) later this year. Gourmet is devoted to southern cooking, with a wonderful, previously unpublished “What Is Southern?” leadoff essay by the late Edna Lewis, formerly of Café Nicholson. Bon Appétit goes with a “Green Issue” with a long piece by Blue Hill’s Dan Barber on vegetables, an ecofriendly meat guide by sausage guru Bruce Aidells, and a moving essay on a vegetarian who returns to the meat wagon because of sausages. Food & Wine is something of a bore, consisting mostly of lists of “Tastes to Try in 2008,” most of which were short on detail and long on obviousness. (Fiamma has a new chef!) Finally, Food Arts, which won’t come out till later this week, has a major service feature on beef, along with an essay by French Culinary Institute techno whiz Dave Arnold on hydrocolloids, a class of gelatins big in molecular-gastronomy circles.
  23. Openings
    Thanks to Go!Go! Curry, ‘#55 Alive’ in the East Village Go!Go! Curry caused curry craziness in midtown when its store opened there, and now it’s poised to open at noon (oh, sorry, 11:55 a.m.) in the East Village this Saturday. Or you can try to, ahem, curry favor with the restaurant and get invited to the opening party from 5:55 p.m. till 7:55 p.m. on Friday. You’ll remember Go!Go! is a little fixated on Matsui’s number, 55, and that’s why they’ll be offering 55 cent curries to their first 555 customers. High five! Er, fifty-five? GoGo Curry, 117 Second Ave, at 7th St., 212-777-1086