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  1. interview
    How a Highland Park Restaurant Reopened After the July 4 Tragedy“It’s been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”
  2. Caffeinated Combat
    Is Starbucks Storming Highland Park?And the neighborhood H-words are apoplectic.
  3. Closings
    John des Rosiers’ Royce in Highland Park Closes (UPDATED)North shore comfort food restaurant is latest Highland Park casualty.
  4. Chef Shuffles
    Marea Veteran Jimmy Everett In The Kitchen at Sonny’s HideawayThe new Highland Park restaurant is getting ready for its May debut.
  5. Leftovers
    Salt Air Opening on Abbot Kinney in May; Smoke Extinguished on MelroseThe new Venice seafood project comes from Sunny Spot and littlefork owner David Reiss.
  6. Coming Soon
    Sonny’s Hideaway Replacing HPK in Highland ParkThe restaurant promises “comfort cuisine” that might make offal-phobes feel uncomfortable.
  7. Trimmings
    Ayta Grill Opens in Highland Park, Hires Bruce Lee To Hold It DownChicken Boy better watch his step!
  8. Endangered
    Figueroa Produce Wins The Fight For Its Life in Highland ParkThe healthy market settled its skirmish with the landlord.
  9. Endangered
    Sun’s Restaurant and Figueroa Produce Threatened As Highland Park BoomsOwners are asking the community they helped develop to keep them from being forced out.
  10. Nightlife
    The Hermosillo Starts Serving Fried Peppers, Bao, and Frito PieFormer L&E Oyster Bar pastry chef Deborah Gorman is behind the short selection of bar foods.
  11. Beer Me
    Galco’s Makes Room For 600 Different Brands of BeerThe nostalgic pop shop suddenly becomes a major destination for cold brew.
  12. Qute of the Day
    Guerrero Under The Influence of The GodfatherThe Maximiliano owner spends time with his family.
  13. Deals de los Muertos
    La Cuevita Celebrates Dia de los MuertosThe bar provides free sugar skulls and invites guests to help build an altar to the dead.
  14. Let’s Do Brunch
    Ba Begins Brunch in Highland ParkJames Graham’s dishes include traditional and creative French fare.
  15. Beef
    Galco’s Owner and Highland Park Bike Brigade Acting Eerily Similar toJohn Nese, owner of the soda pop shop, even pulls some Romney-like evasion.
  16. Sweet Things
    Good Girl Dinette Offering Labor Day PiesDiep Tran is making three varieties for your picnic and barbecue needs.
  17. Openings
    Scoops Now Open in Highland ParkThis has to be good news when it’s 20 degrees hotter than Scoops Westside.
  18. Foodies With Benefits
    What’s Poppin’ at Galco’s 2nd Annual Soda TastingCharles Phoenix plans to bake a seven-layer cake using Pop Rocks and the store’s own sodas.
  19. We All Scream
    Scoops Going to Highland ParkBut even great ice cream can’t deflect the gentrification charges.
  20. Openings
    What to Drink at La Cuevita, Open Friday in Highland ParkThe remake of Little Cave includes a massive selection of tequila, plus agave-focused cocktails like the “Mole Manhattan.”
  21. Nightlife
    1933 Group Turning Little Cave Into La Cuevita, Open May 4The focus will shift from dark and dank punk to agave-based spirits.
  22. Openings
    Highland Park Kitchen Now Soft-Open Under Chef Huntley SeeThe tapas restaurant has a full bar and will try to succeed where Cafe Lobos and Marty’s failed.
  23. Empire Building
    Andre Guerrero Plans Maximiliano-Adjacent BakeryThe bust chef and restaurateur will provide fresh baked bread and pastries, with espresso.
  24. Crime Scenes
    LAPD Search for Northeast L.A.’s Fast-Food FilcherSeven registers have been robbed at gunpoint, including Domino’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s.
  25. Coming Soon
    Billy Corgan Makes Foray Into Suburban Dining With 1930s Chinese Tea HouseFormer Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is gearing up for a new project: a 1930s Chinese-style tea house—in Highland Park.
  26. Coming Soon
    What to Expect at James Graham’s Ba, Opening Soon in Highland ParkAs James Graham’s original Tuscon diner closes, another door opens in Northeast L.A.
  27. The Other Critics
    Gold Feels Out MaximilianoThough the re-invented red-sauce has some sticking points, the critic predicts great things to come.
  28. Neighborhood Watch
    Erbe Matte Grand-Opens Today in Beverly Hills; Wolfgang Puck at The Bel-AirLouis Kim’s crazy-herbs Korean-Italian hybrid is now serving the 90210.
  29. Openings
    Andre Guerrero Opens Maximiliano This FridayThe chef is cooking restrained recipes of homey Italian with ingredients from one trusted local grower.
  30. Neighborhood Watch
    Cabo Cantina Bans Raiders Games; Saints & Sinners Changing Into Oldfield’sDue to the bad behavior of a few, all Raiders fan will be punished at the Marina del Rey bar.
  31. Happy Birthday!
    Chicken Boy Turns 42!The iconic statue’s age is revealed by The U.S. Census Bureau, putting your tax dollars to work!
  32. Mediavore
    Fruit Flies Threaten San Gabriel Valley Crops; Pinpointing Michelin Star CitiesThe pests are causing panic in the region’s farmland.
  33. Neighborhood Watch
    Mendocino Farms Expanding to West Hollywood; 85°C Bakery Opens in HaciendaThe Taiwanese bakery brings a rush of fans for taro bun and sea salt coffee.
  34. Mediavore
    Somali Food Aid Blocked by Extremists; Fat Duck Chef Has a New BirdAfter 20 years, Heston Blumenthal is now dating Suzanne Pirret, an American woman branded as “saucy” in The Telegraph.
  35. Grocery Wars
    The Last Supermarket Strike Shifted Our Grocery Store Playing FieldThese days, L.A. shoppers have a lot of options besides The Big 3.
  36. Neighborhood Watch
    Mohawk Bend Opens Tonight in Echo Park; Vanilla Bacon Shakes Available at FabTony Yanow’s new vegan-friendly (and slightly controversial) new beer bar finally swings its doors open today.
  37. Mediavore
    Food Riots Strike Kenya; California Salmon Come BackAfter a three-year forced closure, the California species is again being fished for.
  38. Beef
    Ba’s Jonathan Graham Takes On Highland Park’s Teetotal PartyIs this the return of Carrie Nation or do the neighbors just not understand the requirements of a worthy French meal?
  39. Neighborhood Watch
    Cafe Tomo Opens on Sawtelle; Broome Street General Store Comes to Silver LakeMeanwhile, Cafe Des Artistes closes shop just as New York names become all the rage.
  40. Coming Soon
    A French Bistro Grows in Highland ParkThe neighborhood known for its taco trucks is about to get cassoulets and roasts using daily procured meats.
  41. Truckin’
    Figueroa Produce Brings Food Truck Lot to Highland ParkThe popular development should save a lot of Angelenos on a westward voyage every Tuesday.
  42. Strip Search
    Strip Search: Avenues 56 to 61, Highland ParkWhere to find great tacos, Vietnamese-American comfort food, and an old-school pizza parlor in Northeast L.A.
  43. Video Feed
    The York Gets A Big-Screen Cameo in The Lincoln LawyerLet’s hope these three Hollywood actors took a break from craft services for some authentic Mexican food.
  44. Empire Building
    Andre Guerrero Plans Homemade Pasta and Pasadena Brews in Highland ParkThe chef will also bring a second location of The Oinkster to Downtown.
  45. Funnies
    How Chicken Boy Became Our Own Statue of LibertyThe fiberglass “Chicken Boy” statue spent 23 years in storage before topping a Highland Park studio.
  46. Taco Town
    Occidental Students Cautioned on the Dangers of TacosA nasty crime on campus shifts the blame to taco trucks on Figueroa.
  47. Strip Search
    Strip Search: Highland Park’s York Blvd.Where to browse vintage sodas and try some of L.A.’s favorite Mexican eats in one afternoon.
  48. Neighborhood Watch
    Cabbage Patch Comes Downtown; Loteria Looking at Third Street PromenadeBoth Jimmy Shaw and Samir Mohajer’s empires grow in different directions.
  49. Mediavore
    NOW Targets Hooters; Angelina Jolie Loves Spanish FoodThe National Organization for Women wants to protect children from booty shorts, while we pray the Hollywood Star doesn’t go on the road with Mario Batali.
  50. Mediavore
    Food Safety Bill Vote Today; Four Loko Steps Aside For Boozy Whipped CreamThe latest potential trend in teenage drinking emerges, while food safety is discussed in the government.
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