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  1. beer me
    Hershey’s and Yuengling Team Up for Most Pennsylvania Beer EverIt’s the brewery’s first collaboration.
  2. food fight
    Hershey’s Kisses Are BrokenChristmas is ruined for grandmas everywhere.
  3. Chocolate Uprising
    British Chocolate Club Has Already Shut Down OperationsThanks to big, bad Hershey.
  4. Chocolate Uprising
    Here’s a Chocolate Club That Will Send Real Contraband Cadbury Right toIt’s the Revolutionary War of chocolate.
  5. News
    Hershey’s Successfully Blocks British Chocolate Imports, and Now Must FaceThose Flake bar fanatics are not happy at all.
  6. Lawsuits
    Hershey’s Wants to Stop Imports of Real British ChocolatesShop owners fear it could be the end of Toffee Crisps and U.K. Cadbury.
  7. Lawsuits
    Here’s the Knockoff Pot Candy at the Center of a Hershey’s LawsuitAre Ganja Joy bars tricking customers?
  8. Chocolate Chunk
    Former Hershey’s Factory Set to Switch to WeedIt’s all about job creation, really.
  9. Mediavore
    Tornado Takes Out a Restaurant and Beer Distributor in the Northeast; Lady GagaPlus: Hershey’s top executive steps down amid investigations; and experts argue over whether food drives world politics, all in our morning news roundup.