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  1. news you can booze
    Of Course People Are Calling This Horrible Heineken Ad RacistIt shows a beer slide past two darker-skinned people and ends with “Sometimes, lighter is better.”
  2. ads
    Watch Heineken’s Ad About Political Unity Succeed Where Pepsi’s FailedIt shows three pairs of strangers who have polar-opposite viewpoints.
  3. news you can booze
    Beer Industry Agrees to Start Slapping Calorie Counts on BottlesThe country’s biggest brewers will add a “serving facts” label by 2020.
  4. Beer Me
    Guinness Withdraws From St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Exclusion of GaysNot everyone loves a parade, especially if it’s exclusionary.
  5. Beer Me
    Heineken Pins Hopes on Craft Hops to Revive Light-Beer SalesBut be honest: Did you know Heineken Light even existed?
  6. Beer Me
    Mexico’s Indio Beer Targets L.A.’s Hipsters, Tonight at La CitaThe brew is being served in “possibly the best michelada” ever at Guelaguetza, prior to its coming out.