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Hebrew National

  1. Lawsuits
    Hebrew National Wieners Are Probably-Maybe KosherThey’re at least vaguely-religious.
  2. Lawsuits
    Wiener Troubles: Lawsuit Alleges Hebrew National Hot Dogs Aren’t ActuallyWho could have possibly imagined that the quality control at a giant meat-processing facility would be called into question?
  3. The Gobbler
    Eat Your Way Through the Ball Game: A Crazed Food Binge at Shea Stadium It’s October in this baseball-obsessed city, and for one final game, at least, the Mets are the only show in town. But what about the food? The Gobbler (whose sad fate it was to grow up rooting for the Washington Senators) made his way out to Shea Stadium the other evening for one of the recent playoff games. It’s good to go to a ball game, of course. But the real purpose of the visit was to overdose on foot-long hot dogs (by Nathan’s), to drown in tepid buckets of Bud Lite, to addle himself with withered chicken tenders and $8.50 containers of “Nacho Supreme.”