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  1. Video Feed
    Taylor Swift’s Future Breakup Lyrics About Diet Coke“Romeo, save me/ I’ve been feeling soda alone”
  2. Souvlaki
    Heartbroken Heartbreak to Rise Again As BoukiesFrom German to Greek.
  3. Sad Things
    Newly Michelin-Starred Heartbreak Closed for GoodThe timing, needless to say, is heartbreaking.
  4. Heartbreak
    The Red Sox Collapsed, and So Should You!Drown your Sox-induced sorrows in the shadow of Fenway.
  5. The Other Critics
    Sifton Praises Red Rooster’s Diversity; Cheshes Impressed byPlus: Ed Levine enjoys brunch at Minetta Tavern, Sutton names Fish Tag ‘most disappointing restaurant of the year,’ and more, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  6. Foodievents
    Revenge Is A Dish Best Served … At Gargoyles?Gargoyles hosts brunch for brokenhearted lovers.