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  1. Healthy S.F.
    Willie Brown Says Healthy S.F. Violators Should Just Negotiate With HerreraHe says they should come clean and not pay for lawyers.
  2. Kerfuffles
    Mina Group, Squat & Gobble, Burger Bar Top List of Healthy S.F. OffendersThe city releases the full list.
  3. Healthy S.F.
    Many More Restaurants Facing Consequences From Healthy S.F. ControversyAt least 50 restaurant owners are being targeted in a citywide crackdown on the misuse of funds that were supposed to be earmarked for healthcare.
  4. Healthy S.F.
    Patxi’s Wrist Slapped for Pocketing Healthy S.F. Funds [Updated]They have to pay out $320,000 in penalties, with $200,000 going back to employees.
  5. Health Concerns
    Grand Jury Declares Healthy S.F. Surcharges ShadyThey found that ‘a small but growing number’ of restaurants were profiting from the pocketing of unused health care set-aside funds, and that the city should disallow the practice.
  6. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Still Vehemently Anti-SurchargeHis readers remain vehement too.
  7. Mikey Doesn’t Like It
    Bauer Back on the Anti-Healthy S.F. Brigade, Now Via Tip CalculationsOh, he’s still steaming mad…
  8. Health Concerns
    Restaurants Must Now Keep Larger Healthy S.F. Reserve FundThe change in the law means restaurants must now keep $8,500 per full-time employee in reserve at all times.
  9. Mediavore
    Healthy S.F. Loophole-Closing Vote to Happen Tomorrow; Regarding
  10. Health Concerns
    Restaurateurs Back David Chiu for Mayor After He Votes Against HealthcareMayor Ed Lee has also vowed to veto the legislation, which would force restaurants to use their ‘Healthy S.F.’ funds for healthcare alone.
  11. Health Concerns
    Restaurants Adding Health-Care Surcharges to Checks Aren’t Using Funds forRestaurants like One Market say it’s up to employees to fill out the paperwork and apply for the funds, but they aren’t doing it; consequently restaurants keep the cash.
  12. Mediavore
    Obama to Weigh in on SF Health Care; Gourmet Employees Clear Out
  13. Mediavore
    Healthy SF Doesn’t Harm Jobs; Protecting Wine from Global Warming