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  1. pop-ups
    This Toronto Pop-up Only Has HIV-Positive Chefs in the KitchenIt’s boldly marketed as an attempt to “smash stigma around the disease.”
  2. listen
    Here’s How Food Critics Actually Lose WeightYou’re going to need some Scandinavian fiber crackers.
  3. Health
    The World Actually Grew Fewer GMOs Last YearData shows the number of acres dropped one percent in 2015.
  4. Food Fight
    Senate Blocks Anti-GMO-Labeling BillThe lawmakers rejected the so-called “DARK Act.”
  5. Yikes
    Terrible Report Says Seltzer Slowly Rots Your TeethEven unflavored fizzy water contains an acid that erodes tooth enamel.
  6. Health
    Campbell’s Will Be the First Food Company to Label GMOsIt could reportedly result in cosmetic changes to 75 percent of products.
  7. Health Concerns
    People Are Getting Fat by Overeating ‘Healthy’ FoodResearchers say people believe it’s “less filling,” and eat too much.
  8. Heatlh
    A Major Winemaker Will Soon Post Calorie CountsTreasury Wine Estates will blaze the trail.
  9. Health
    Campbell’s Is Messing With Chicken Noodle Soup [Updated]Just in time for flu season.
  10. Studies
    Fast Food Might Be Even Worse for Kids Than You Already ThoughtA study links greater “neighborhood access” to fast food to lower bone mass in kids.
  11. Studies
    Study Shows One Third of American Kids Eat Fast Food on Any Given DayA new report by the CDC says it accounts for 12 percent of kids’ total calories.
  12. Health
    Another Giant Junk-Food Company Says It’s Now Going to Focus onMondelez is famous for producing Oreos and Ritz Crackers.
  13. Health
    A New Report Says Organic Food Is Basically a RipoffIt’s not necessarily healthier or better for the environment.
  14. Grub Guides
    13 Bright, Modern, Vegetable-Forward Dishes You’ll Want to Eat Right NowBut nothing too healthy.
  15. Health
    Campbell’s Soup Is Cutting Out All Artificial Flavors and Colors by 2018The company wants to be “more honest about what goes in our food.”
  16. Health
    Lucky Charms Will Be Free of Artificial Colors and Flavors by 2017General Mills is removing fake stuff from all of its cereals in the U.S. and Canada.
  17. Health Concerns
    The FDA Could Ban Trans Fats As Early As Mid-JuneYou have Bloomberg to thank.
  18. The Chain Gang
    Chipotle Eliminates Absolutely All GMOs From Its MenuIt’s the first fast-food restaurant chain to do so.
  19. Health
    Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Goes Au NaturelNo more synthetic colors.
  20. Interviews
    Keller and Ladner: Gluten-Free Trailblazers“It’s only going to get more complicated as you deal with more and more allergens.”
  21. Health
    Doctors to Infallible Church Leader: Lay Off the Pasta, FatsoThe pope needs to stop carbo-loading.
  22. Science
    Low-Calorie Rice Could Be the Food of the FutureResearchers have discovered a new, healthier way to cook it.
  23. Genetically Modified Food
    Shake Shack Pledges to Roll Out Non-GMO Buns at All Its LocationsDon’t worry: It’s still a Martin’s potato roll.
  24. The Chain Gang
    Is McDonald’s Really About to Add Kale to Its Menu?One report says yes, though a rep for the chain will neither confirm nor deny the possible existence of McKale.
  25. Pizza Time
    What You Need to Know About Washington’s Powerful, Vastly InfluentialPizza companies love Republicans!
  26. Health
    Internet Loves New Guidelines That Suggest Drinking Tons and Tons of CoffeeGo ahead and drink three to five cups per day!
  27. The Chain Gang
    Why Your Chipotle Habit Is Probably Worse For You Than You ThinkUnless you skip the meat, cheese, sour cream, rice, tortillas — all the fun stuff.
  28. Grub Guides
    Modern Matcha: Where to Drink (and Eat) New York’s Latest ObsessionLattes, cocktails, pastries, and more.
  29. Science!
    This Super-Explanatory Infographic Shows Just How Complex Sugar Really IsWhat exactly is dextrose, trehalose, and maltitol?
  30. Interviews
    Yotam Ottolenghi on Instant Ramen, Plenty More, and His Secret Candy“People are becoming quite precious about what they eat.”
  31. Bans
    Fast-Food-Toy Ban Could Be Very EffectiveIt’s all about the free barbie.
  32. Health
    Coming Soon to Walmart: Cheap Organic FoodThe products will cost the same as non-organic goods.
  33. Chewing the Fat
    Study Suggests Saturated Fat Isn’t the Dietary Bad Guy We All Thought ItBring on the scrambled eggs.
  34. Health Food
    Hippie No More: Meet the New Breed of Health-Conscious FoodLow on deprivation, high on flavor, and branded to the hilt.
  35. Can’t Believe It’s Not Sugar!
    Coming Soon to America: Stevia-Sweetened Coca-Cola LifeConsumers don’t trust aspartame.
  36. Receipts
    Fast-Food Customers Reportedly Respond Well to Nagging ReceiptsA study shows that people take calorie-cutting suggestions on receipts seriously.
  37. Health Concerns
    Bloomberg Health Initiatives Live on Through Calorie-Count WebsiteCalorie postings go national, and online.
  38. Food Politics
    FDA Moves to Ban Trans FatsIs this the end of partially hydrogenated oil?
  39. All Natural
    Food Industry Quietly Concedes ‘Natural’ Labels Mean NothingThey’re dropping the word from their labels, too.
  40. Miracle Diets
    Powder People: Could It Possibly Be Healthy to Eat Nothing But theA number of seemingly smart young guys think so.
  41. Food Safety
    Taylor Farms de Mexico Voluntarily Suspends Salad ProductionWhat took so long?
  42. Food Safety
    Stomach Virus Linked to Bagged Salad at Olive Garden and Red LobsterMore bad news related to the cyclospora outbreak.
  43. Sandwiches First
    Stay Away From Salad in a BagSuck it up and wash your own lettuce leaves.
  44. Health
    Skipping Breakfast Is Even Worse for You Than You ThoughtIt can raise the risk of heart disease.
  45. The Chain Gang
    Lo and Behold: The McWrap Is Actually SignificantThe suggestion of farm-to-table freshness is more important than sales.
  46. Rude
    Food Companies Tricking Customers by Making Processed Products Look More NaturalNo more perfectly square burger patties.
  47. The Chain Gang
    Chipotle’s the First Restaurant Chain to Voluntarily Label GMOsSmart move.
  48. Health
    Study Links BPA Chemical to Child ObesityBut that doesn’t mean it’s a cause.
  49. Food Politics
    Maine Lawmakers Push Hard for GMO Food LabelsThe bill has bipartisan support.
  50. All Bacon Everything
    The Rise of the Lady Paleos: How a Dubious Diet Aimed at Men Appeals to Women,Meet the new tribe of female cookbook authors.
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