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Health Concerns

  1. health concerns
    Chipotle Had to Close a Store Overrun by MiceThe closure comes three weeks after a video of the infestation went viral.
  2. pretty crappy
    There Could Be Poop Bacteria in Your Fast-food DrinkA BBC study found fecal coliforms in ice at U.K. locations of McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King.
  3. Chipotle Has Reopened That Restaurant Where People Got Violently IllCEO Steve Ells insists they “took aggressive action to correct the problem.”
  4. health concerns
    Customers Are Getting Violently Sick at Yet Another Chipotle RestaurantThe chain says symptoms are consistent with norovirus.
  5. health concerns
    America’s Top Public-Health Official Has Shady Ties to Coca-ColaShe partnered with Coke on an anti-obesity initiative that ignored soda entirely.
  6. news you can booze
    $100 Million Study Will Determine Once and for All If Alcohol Is HealthyOnly minor problem: It’s majority-funded by the liquor industry.
  7. pretty crappy
    There May Be a Little Poop in Your Starbucks Iced CoffeeIn a new test, a third of the chain’s iced drinks were contaminated with fecal bacteria.
  8. health concerns
    Club Drugs May Be Inside Your ‘100% Natural’ ChickenThe USDA discovered ketamine in the poultry of America’s third-largest producer.
  9. health concerns
    CDC Warns Don’t ‘Snuggle’ Poultry Unless You Want SalmonellaMore than 370 people in 47 states didn’t listen, and now they have salmonella.
  10. soda taxes
    Seattle Is America’s Latest City to Tax Sugary DrinksResidents will pay an extra $1.18 for a two-liter soda starting in July.
  11. lawsuits
    Woman Sues Jelly Belly for Deceptive Practice of Adding SugarThe company’s lawyers call the lawsuit “nonsense.”
  12. health concerns
    Scientists Literally Can’t Figure Out How to Make All-Natural Lucky CharmsThey’ve been trying for more than two years.
  13. health concerns
    A New Government Report Is a Real Bummer for Lovers of Raw CheeseThe CDC notes that it’s 840 times more dangerous than pasteurized cheese.
  14. health concerns
    Doctors Warn Parasitic Worms May Live in Your SushiA GI infection common in Japan has started popping up in the West.
  15. recalls
    Aunt Jemima Warns Its Waffles and Pancakes Could Have ListeriaIt applies to 18 different products with any best-by date.
  16. recalls
    You’ll Never Believe This, But Soylent Is Being Recalled AgainThis time, milk got into its “dairy-free” powder.
  17. Frozen-Food Company Recalls Hash Browns for ‘Extraneous Golf Ball Materials’The balls were “inadvertently harvested” with the potatoes.
  18. studies
    Grim New Study Links Diet Sodas to Heart and Brain DiseasesIt found that the risk of both is three times higher for daily diet-soda drinkers.
  19. food politics
    A New Study Says the Trans-Fat Ban Is Working to Reduce Heart AttacksAnother nail in the coffin for hydrogenated oils.
  20. KFC Will Keep Human Antibiotics in Its Chicken for Another YearIt’s finally pledged to quit sourcing poultry raised with human drugs.
  21. health concerns
    Nigerian Court Declares That Sprite and Fanta Are ‘Poisonous’A judge has mandated a label, warning benzoic-acid levels are too high.
  22. recalls
    Edamame Yanked From Supermarkets in 33 States Over Listeria FearsThe recall mostly affects sushi bars inside grocery stores.
  23. health concerns
    Philly’s Soda Tax Has Cut Soft-Drink Sales by As Much As HalfRetailers say sales have dropped significantly in the first two months of the tax.
  24. food policy
    Kind’s CEO Pledges $25 Million to Fight Industry’s ‘Influence on Public Health’He says it has “undue influence in shaping nutrition policy and ability to disseminate biased science.”
  25. health concerns
    Your Gluten-Free Diet Probably Exposes You to a Bunch of Arsenic and MercuryA new study suggests it’s an “unintended consequence” of eating that diet.
  26. health concerns
    Bad News: You’re Probably Eating Fleece Every Time You Have SeafoodResearch shows you’re getting more out of that Patagonia jacket than you bargained for.
  27. health concerns
    New Reason to Avoid Fast Food: Half of Wrappers Have Chemicals Linked to CancerA new study found PFCs in a wide range of food packaging.
  28. health concerns
    Nutella Argues Its Spread Is Way Too Perfect to Cause CancerIt’s pushing back against the EU’s claim that palm oil is “potentially carcinogenic.”
  29. soda taxes
    Philadelphians Are Throwing a Fit About Their New Soda TaxThey’re having trouble processing how sports drinks got more expensive than beer.
  30. the chain gang
    Burger King Says All Its Chicken Will Be Antibiotic-Free by Next YearIt’s finally recognizing the connection to the rise in drug-resistant superbugs.
  31. health concerns
    New York Lawmakers Want to Put Letter Grades on School CafeteriasJust like restaurants!
  32. sugarcoating
    Nestlé Claims to Have Invented Magical SugarIt’s a version that’s sweeter in smaller amounts, purportedly requiring 40 percent less to make candy bars taste the same.
  33. soda taxes
    The Chicago Metro Area Is Getting a Soda Tax, TooA penny-per-ounce levy goes into effect for all of Cook County on July 1.
  34. recalls
    Soylent Says It Figured Out What’s Making Its Customers SickThe company will remove an algae-based flour from future meal-replacement formulations.
  35. health concerns
    Soylent Has Temporarily Stopped Selling Its Powdered Food ReplacementNot great, following the drama surrounding its nutritional bar.
  36. health concerns
    Coca-Cola Caught ‘Monitoring’ Its CriticsAfter funding pro-soda research, this is a bad look.
  37. soda taxes
    Chicago’s Cook County Is Mulling a Soda Tax Now, TooThe 2017 budget could include a penny-per-ounce levy.
  38. recalls
    Soylent Recalls Food Bars That Have Made People Violently IllThe start-up is “deeply sorry” for any “negative experiences” the products may have caused.
  39. health concerns
    British Government Will Crack Down on Big DessertsThey don’t have anything better to worry about these days, after all.
  40. health concerns
    U.N. Calls Antibiotics in Food a Health Crisis on Par With AIDSIt says drug-resistant bacteria is a “fundamental threat” to the world’s health safety.
  41. recalls
    Blue Bell Just Recalled Ice Cream in 10 States Over New Listeria ConcernsThis time, the blame is on a supplier.
  42. health concerns
    Watch a Subway Worker Casually Zap Bugs Right Over the FoodZzzzit!
  43. sham science
    How the Sugar Industry Spent Decades Manipulating Health StudiesIt starts with bribing scientists to blame saturated fat.
  44. soda wars
    Berkeley’s Soda Tax Appears to Be WorkingA new study charts a 21 percent drop in consumption after it went into effect.
  45. health concerns
    Now We Have to Worry About Poisonous OystersClimate change has caused a “quadrupling” of deadly bacteria in them.
  46. health concerns
    England Orders Food Industry to Slash Added Sugars by 20 PercentIt’s the U.K.’s most serious effort yet to curb childhood obesity.
  47. health concerns
    Italy Proposes Jailing ‘Reckless’ Vegan ParentsA new bill wants to punish adults with up to six years in prison.
  48. the chain gang
    This Is Literally the Unhealthiest Thing You Can Order at a RestaurantUno Pizzeria’s “Whole Hog” boasts 2,850 calories.
  49. recalls
    You Should Probably Just Throw Out Your FlourGeneral Mills has expanded its recall over E. coli fears a second time.
  50. health concerns
    Here’s Another Horrible Health Issue Linked to SodaPeople who drink two or more sodas a day are nearly twice as likely to get biliary-tract cancer.
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