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  1. coronavirus
    How COVID Accelerated a Fight Against Food DesertsA push for healthier food options for one of New York’s hardest-hit populations.
  2. coronavirus
    Restaurant-Workers Organization Starts Coronavirus Relief FundThe Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation is helping those affected by the crisis.
  3. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Fears Leave NYC Restaurant Workers Particularly VulnerableAs business drops, jobs are being lost.
  4. coronavirus
    A Downtown Restaurant Is Removing Seats to Give Diners More SpaceRacines NY is making the move in response to coronavirus concerns.
  5. health concerns
    How Are New York Restaurants Preparing for Coronavirus?“Nobody wants to be restaurant zero.”
  6. doh
    The Terrifying Genius of Restaurant Letter GradesWhy the New York Health Department’s decade-old initiative isn’t quite what it seems.
  7. health concerns
    Turns Out There Might Be Weed Killer in Our BeerDrink up!
  8. health concerns
    A Woman Died After Eating Mushrooms at a Michelin-Starred RestaurantEleven others were also sickened after eating possibly tainted food at RiFF in Valencia, Spain.
  9. health concerns
    Why the Keto Diet Is a Recipe for Big, Fat ProfitsRestricted carbs, tons of cash.
  10. health concerns
    NYC Health Department Asks Food Companies to Cut Added SugarNearly 100 health departments from around the U.S. have also joined the effort.
  11. bubbles
    Why the Soda Industry Is Grasping at StrawsSales are plummeting, and now Big Soda is looking for a savior (or some new seltzer).
  12. health concerns
    World’s Most Depressing Study Confirms All Alcohol Is Bad for YouThere are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
  13. food fight
    A Customer Was Served Cod With a Worm — So Why Is the Restaurant Mad at Him?He posted a video of the creepy crawler, after getting an apology and comped meal.
  14. health concerns
    Trader Joe’s and Other Chains Involved in Massive Food RecallThe USDA has issued a warning following possible parasite contamination of wraps and salads at T.J.’s, Kroger, and Walgreens.
  15. health concerns
    McDonald’s Takes Salad Off the Menu in 14 StatesMore than 100 people across the Midwest have been infected by cyclospora, an intestinal parasite.
  16. health concerns
    How Big Soda Companies Are Defeating Local Sugary-Drink TaxesWelcome to the weird world of preemption law.
  17. recalls
    Romaine Lettuce Is Safe AgainAccording to the CDC, the worst of the recent E. coli scare has passed.
  18. recalls
    What You Need to Know About the Massive Egg RecallIt’s the largest egg recall since 2010, and 35 people have now gotten sick.
  19. recalls
    Tainted Lettuce Is Still Giving Americans E. ColiThe government still isn’t sure of the source of the contamination.
  20. health concerns
    The Last Conversation You’ll Need to Have on Eating Right: The Follow-upsMark Bittman and Dr. David L. Katz tackle the questions they received after their original story on healthy food.
  21. news you can’t booze
    Terrifying New Study Breaks Down Exactly How Drinking Can Shorten Your LifeThat extra glass of wine could shave 15 minutes off your life.
  22. fear the reaper
    World’s Hottest Pepper Sends Man to ER With ‘Thunderclap Headaches’The infamous Carolina Reaper strikes again.
  23. health concerns
    America’s Obesity Epidemic Is Only Getting WorseNew research is incredibly alarming.
  24. lawsuits
    Pabst Sued for Saying Some of Its Beer Is Fancier Than It Really IsOlympia Beer supposedly contains “pure mountain water,” but is brewed near an EPA Superfund site.
  25. health concerns
    New FDA Study Is Another Reminder to Really Wash Those Fresh HerbsThe agency says cilantro, basil, and parsley all could be at risk.
  26. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Will Remove Cheeseburgers From Its Happy MealsThe idea is to make the meals ever-so-slightly less unhealthy.
  27. lawsuits
    Couple Claims Starbucks Served Them a Frappuccino Tainted With a Barista’s BloodThe manager allegedly offered “free drinks for a week.”
  28. the chain gang
    No, McDonald’s French Fries Will Not Cure Your BaldnessOne weird ingredient has an unexpected use — in mice.
  29. health concerns
    Japanese City Activates Emergency Alert System After Store Sells Deadly BlowfishFive packages went out, and so far three have been recovered.
  30. health concerns
    Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort Racked Up 15 More Food-Safety ViolationsWord of advice: Don’t eat the hot dogs.
  31. Food-Safety Experts Say Avoid Romaine Lettuce If You’re Not Into E. ColiAn outbreak tied to the greens has sickened 58 and killed 2.
  32. the chain gang
    L.A. Health Officials Are Investigating an Outbreak at Another ChipotleThe bad-burrito version of Groundhog Day continues.
  33. health concerns
    Why There Might Be Plastic in Your MusselsScientists now find microplastics inside even remote Arctic bivalves.
  34. the donald trump diet
    President Trump Reportedly Drinks 12 Diet Cokes Per DayWell above the FDA’s recommended daily amount of caffeine.
  35. health concerns
    Big Food Is Removing Salt and Sugar — But Products Aren’t Getting HealthierA “surge” in saturated fats reveals the latest marketing trick.
  36. studies
    Exciting New Study Claims Cheese May Do Wonders for Your HeartResearchers say even a small piece per day could reduce risk of heart disease.
  37. health concerns
    63 Percent of New York Restaurants Have Been Cited for Rodent InfestationLatin cuisine tops the list, with sightings at 80 percent of all restaurants.
  38. health concerns
    Listeria Outbreak Forces American Airlines to Stop Food Service on Some FlightsIt’s reportedly “scrambling” to find a different catering company at LAX.
  39. health warnings
    FDA Killjoys Warn You Can ‘Overdose’ on Black LicoriceToo much can apparently cause “congestive heart failure.”
  40. soda taxes
    Rest of World Is Closely Watching UAE’s New 50 Percent ‘Sin’ Tax on SodaA nation where 20 percent of people have diabetes now imposes the world’s highest sugary-drink tax.
  41. health concerns
    Here’s How the Trump Administration Is Quietly Undermining Food SafetyA “little-noticed” USDA plan to help trade at the cost of safety is just the latest example.
  42. health concerns
    These Are the Restaurant Chains to Skip If You Don’t Want Meat With AntibioticsIt’s a long list, but avoid Olive Garden, Chili’s, and Arby’s, for starters.
  43. lawsuits
    Instagram-Famous Raw-Cookie-Dough Shop Sued for Allegedly Making People SickPlaintiffs say they were “obviously disappointed” to learn that Dō’s raw dough can actually make people sick.
  44. health concerns
    General Mills Will Put Fake Dyes Back in Trix So Customers Stop ComplainingRed 40, Blue 1, and the rest of the gang are back.
  45. recalls
    Death Wish Coffee Is Recalling Bottles Over an Actual Risk of DeathIt says there’s a chance that they could give people botulism.
  46. health concerns
    Researchers Are Now Finding ‘Shocking Numbers’ of Microfibers in ShellfishPacific oysters and clams are at an average of eight particles apiece.
  47. recalls
    A Deadly Salmonella Outbreak Is Plaguing Mexican PapayasThe CDC warns that there are 200 sick people in 23 states, and there’s been one death.
  48. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Finally Gets Serious About Serving Antibiotics-Free BeefAmerica’s biggest beef purchaser wants to remove human meds from its meat supplies.
  49. the chain gang
    Malcolm Gladwell Takes Surprising Stance Against McDonald’s French FriesThe noted contrarian claims they’ve tasted “like cardboard” since 1990, the year they lost their beef tallow.
  50. health concerns
    Chipotle Had to Close a Store Overrun by MiceThe closure comes three weeks after a video of the infestation went viral.
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