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Heal The Bay

  1. Gone Green
    Are L.A.’s Shopping Carts and Plastic Bags Under Attack?L.A. City Council considers a city-wide ban on the bags, while an anonymous critic bashes shopping cart safeguards.
  2. The Gold Watch
    The Brothers Gold Go Hunting for Shark Fin (On the Menu)Mark Gold opposes a provision that would allow for so-called sustainable shark fins to be sold.
  3. Gone Green
    Santa Monica Officially Sacks The Plastic BagHowever, the penalty for those who don’t bring their own is just a mere ten cents per forest-shredding paper bag.
  4. The Gold Watch
    J. Gold’s Brother Goes Behind the Scenes of Shark Fin Op-EdThe activist even claims to have once physically threatened his brother for eying the shark fin at a Chinese restaurant.
  5. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Backs Ban on Shark Fin“We either stop eating it because we choose to preserve the species, or we stop eating it because soon there will be none left to eat.”
  6. Videofeed
    The Short, Brutal Life of The Majestic Plastic BagHeal the Bay releases a clever mockumentary to support its proposed legislature for a ban on single-use plastic bags.
  7. Quote of the Day
    How Jonathan Gold Sleeps After Eating Live OctopusThe Pulitzer prize winner claims to have done a “f–k of a lot” of reading on the creatures.
  8. Benefits
    Fraiche Partners with Heal the BayMembers get a 20% discount and all proceeds go to gala Back to the Beach Dinner.
  9. Crime Scenes
    Whale Wars Team Brings Pennywise and Reel Big Fish to Protest The HumpA Santa Monica sushi restaurant is ready to pay a fine for selling whale meat while a protest looms.
  10. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold’s Brother Goes After The Hump for Whale CrimesMark Gold runs Heal the Bay and wants The Hump closed after selling whale meat.