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  1. Cold Puns
    Ben & Jerry’s Defends Its ‘Hazed & Confused’ Ice CreamThe company told angry parents nothing about it “condoned hazing, supported hazing, or even inferred hazing.”
  2. Booze
    Is T’s Pub Partially Responsible for BU Hockey Players’ Drunken Escapades?BU’s hockey team comes under fire, and so does their favorite pub.
  3. Crime
    Stick a Fork in It: The BU Frat That Hazed Kids With Condiments Will ShutterStudents, hazed with condiments and bound with tape, were “distressed” upon discovery.
  4. Hazing
    BU Kids Hazed With Fish Sauce, Sardine CansAnimal House goes gourmet.
  5. Mediavore
    Occupy Boston Celebrates With Cake; Bodily Fluids Found on Cookies at BasketballPlus Burger King’s new fry recipe, and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  6. Mediavore
    Chefs Relax in Bruni’s Absence; Chinese Seafood: Now With Fewer Drugs!Frank Bruni is out of the city until January 23, or maybe January 31. Either way, chefs at new restaurants will be breathing a little bit easier until he returns. [Eater] The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies has released a report saying that cloning causes suffering to animals, making it unjustifiable to clone them for the food supply. [NYT] Top Chef winner Hung Huynh was spotted in Las Vegas at Company, the same restaurant where Season Two contestant Marcel Vigneron works as a cook. It’s no coincidence, though; they’re buds from cooking school. [Eater L.A.]