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  1. Foodies With Benefits
    Karen Hatfield Organizes Six-Chef ‘Pink Apron’ Dinner, Monday at Hatfield’sProceeds of the dinner, which features Mary Sue Milliken, Sherry Yard, and Suzanne Tracht, go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  2. Coming Soon
    The Hatfields’ Sycamore Kitchen Looks at Late June OpeningThe restaurant plans to serve Stumptown coffee, breakfast, and baked goods.
  3. Chef Shuffles
    Hatfield’s ISO New Chef de Cuisine as Sycamore Kitchen Takes ShapeCurrent chef de cuisine Brian Best is leaving to help open the couple’s Sycamore Kitchen.
  4. Chef Thoughts
    What Do Our Chefs Think of The Zagat-Google Deal?Mezze’s Micah Wexler says of Zagat,” My restaurant friends and I would literally memorize the ratings and test each other…Over the last decade they’ve lost a lot of ground.”
  5. Empire Building
    The Hatfields Secure Space for Sycamore KitchenThe new restaurant will focus primarily on baked goods and coffee.
  6. Foodies With Benefits
    Hatfield’s Warms Up For Taste of The Nation TonightIf discounted event tickets don’t bring you there, duck confit crepes and deviled quail eggs with smoked trout could do the trick.
  7. The Other Critics
    Gold Crowns a New BBQ King; Patrick Kuh Picks 2010’s Best New RestaurantsLos Angeles magazine puts Lazy Ox Canteen at the top of its list, while Capo vets do brisket and beef ribs just right in Van Nuys.
  8. Openings and Closings
    In Case You Missed ItA rundown of what’s open and closed in 2010.
  9. The Real McCoy
    What We Didn’t Know About Quinn Hatfield, Our New Fitness GuruThe chef is also a gold medal-winning bike sprinter.
  10. The Other Critics
    Gold Deposits 99 Essential Eats for 2010; Virbila Enjoys The YardGold drops a few big names from his annual list of must-eats, while L.A. Times likes The Yard, but still gives it just one-and-a-half stars.
  11. Mediavore
    Food Network Sued Over Private Chefs of Beverly Hills; Clifton’sA company named Private Chefs Inc. claims they pitched the show years ago, while a massive search is underway for Downtown broker Ed Rosenthal.
  12. Lists
    Zagat Unleashes Its 2011 Survey On L.A.The guide doesn’t screw up the food truck trend this year, and mostly keeps it correct.
  13. Lists
    Bon Appetit Christens The Country’s Best New RestaurantsBonus for Bostonians: the mag’s September issue also features a Craigie cover.
  14. Slideshow
    What You Missed at Chef’s Night Out 2010Angeleno handed out restaurant awards to their picks of the year’s best toques.
  15. Superlatives
    Brad A. Johnson Tweets His Restaurant Award WinnersHis top ten list of best new restaurants contains at least one big surprise.
  16. Lunch Time
    Los Angeles Magazine Does LunchA terrific mid-day meal issue is published, with just one problem.
  17. Slideshow
    The Los Angeles Sandwich RegisterIn a big sandwich town, these are carving out their own legends.
  18. Mediavore
    Choke-Proof Hot Dog Revealed; Monsanto Draws Criticism for Haiti PlansSeeds destined for Haiti come under fire while the inventor of popcorn shrimp has a new food-adjustment.
  19. The Other Critics
    Gold Goes Left of the Dial; Kuh Approves Hatfield’s MoveL.A. Weekly puts the fork down for the week and L.A. Mag might miss the old Hatfield’s but love the new food.
  20. The Other Critics
    Gold’s Gone Fishing at Marukai; Virbila Finds New Hatfield’s ImprovedMarukai market’s black cod is a crowd-pleaser and Hatfield’s plays it safe but scores.
  21. Trends
    Jidori Chicken Dances Into The SpotlightThe New York Times looks at L.A.’s specialty birds.
  22. The Other Critics
    Virbila and Bastide Resolve Rocky Past; Karen Hatfield Eases Johnson’s Sous VideJoseph Mahon satisfies the Times critic, while Angeleno thinks Quinn Hatfield goes a little far sometimes.
  23. Lunch
    What to Eat at Hatfield’s Lunch, Starting Next WeekPre-fixes and lobster clubs are coming from Quinn Hatfield.
  24. The Other Critics
    Lazy Ox Scoops Up Virbila’s Best Burger Nod; Gold Would Suffer Street Food FestL.A. Weekly overlooks flaws at a failed food event and L.A. Times boosts Downtown’s latest hot spot.
  25. Openings
    What to Eat at Hatfield’s, Now Reopen and ReinventedNew dishes and menus are added in twice the space.
  26. Openings
    Be the First into the New Hatfield’s, Open MondayReservations are being taken for the opening night.
  27. Interviews
    Interview: Karen and Quinn Hatfield Discuss Reopening Thrills and BloggerThe married chef duo discusses what L.A. can expect from a reopening.
  28. Stats
    The Year in Openings and ClosingsL.A. restaurant openings outweighed closings in 2009.
  29. Delays
    Hatfield’s Opening Pushed Back to February2010’s most anticipated opening has a month’s delay.
  30. Trends
    Hatfield’s Discusses ‘Why Your Twitter Might Suck’Karen and Quinn Hatfield have some fun online.
  31. Re-openings
    Winter Shifts Our Obsessions to Three Re-OpeningsWith Bouchon now open, all eyes are on three big re-openings.
  32. Halloween Candy
    Chefs’ Favorite CandyL.A. chefs tell us what their favorite candy is to eat and pass out.
  33. Trimmings
    What The Rebirth of Hatfield’s Could Look LikeDesigner Alexis Readinger spills some details on the new Hatfield’s.
  34. Openings
    What to Eat at Mark Gold’s Eva Restaurant, Grand Open TonightChef Mark Gold finally has a restaurant to call his own.