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Hate Crimes

  1. hate crimes
    Jewish Bakery and Butcher Get Letters With Swastika and Trump’s ‘MAGA’ SloganA copy was also received by the Israeli consulate and businesses in Harlem.
  2. hate crimes
    A Butcher at a Popular New York Meat Market Was Arrested on Hate-Crime ChargesIn a disturbing incident, he gave a black deliveryman a noose.
  3. Crime
    Restaurant Owner Says He Got a Death Threat for Flying Israel’s Flag“We are going to kill all the Jews, including you.”
  4. Hate Crimes
    Short Sentences for Stonewall Inn Assaulters Irk PatronsThe two men who attacked a bar patron received sentences of two years and six months, respectively.
  5. Crime Scenes
    Another Gay Bar BashingMore alleged bias crimes in Greenwich Village.
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    ‘Man Purse’ Beating at White CastleAn alleged hate crime at a Staten Island White Castle.
  7. Crime Scenes
    The Cost of Health FoodA resentful mugger targets a man coming out of Brooklyn Natural.
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    Video of Corner Bistro Incident SurfacesDid a ‘BlackBook’ writer who accused a waiter of gay-bashing actually strike first?
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    Corner Bistro Owner Says There Are Two Sides to Alleged Gay-BashingIt’s said that the alleged victim threw a beer mug at the bartender, for one thing.