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Harvey Weinstein

  1. curious moves
    Connecticut Restaurateur Is Sticking by His ‘Friend’ Harvey Weinstein“Harvey’s a friend of mine, and I don’t talk about my friends.”
  2. Why Anthony Bourdain Ripped Into James Corden on TwitterThe comedian made some ill-advised Harvey Weinstein jokes.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Jay-Z Hits Craft With Lebron James; The Kardashians Hold a Ghost Birthday PartyA week of solid star sightings still gets dominated by the antics of the Kardashian clan.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Desirée Rogers Sucked Into Monkey Bar; Shakira Hits Michael’s YetPlus, more celebrity sightings from the past week.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Shakira Livens Up Michael’s; Twilight Stars Out by DayWhere the bold-face names ate and drank this week.
  6. Recession Woes
    Tailor in TroubleSam Mason’s restaurant files for bankruptcy.