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  1. Rumor Mill
    Harvest Won’t Be UprootedRumors of the restaurants move aren’t true, says their rep.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Have A Look at Lady Gaga’s CookiesThe Charles Hotel bakes on-message desserts for Gaga.
  3. Foodievents
    Join Amy Traverso and Erin Byers Murray at Harvest on WednesdayEat apples and oysters.
  4. Grant Achatz
    Grant Achatz Sups at HarvestMmm, cheeseburgers.
  5. Mediavore
    Brewerytown-Based Farm Boasts a Bumper Crop; Al Qaeda-Linked Jihadists BlockPlus: Fat Duck chef Heston Blumenthal has left his wife; and a new preservative could keep vegetables fresh without refrigeration, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Clover Contemplates Inman; Tiffani Faison Parties at Kiehl’sPlus a tequila cruise and more, all in our weekly neighborhood round-up.
  7. Mediavore
    Rubio’s Rejects Buyout Offer; Former Execs Sue Ralph’sFormer Ralph’s execs are suing over being scapegoated while Rubio’s doesn’t accept an offered $80 million buyout.