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Harry Morton

  1. Celebrity Settings
    Demi Moore Dates Harry Morton at South Beverly Grill; Chris Brown Stalks AtThe trouble-plagued pop singer’s night ended up pretty lame.
  2. The Name Game
    Inevitably, Harry Morton Laments The Name ‘Pink Taco’The Hard Rock heir would have done things differently today.
  3. Empire Building
    What Lies Beneath The Next Pink Taco?Harry Morton unveils the remains of Preston Sturges’ Player’s Club.
  4. Burger Time
    Umami Charges $100 For Foie Gras and Truffle BurgerWith a snooty side of bragging about your bank account balance.
  5. Openings
    Fukuburger Opens in HollywoodHarry Morton imports Las Vegas’ hottest food truck to Cahuenga.
  6. Coming Soon
    Fukuburger Opens October 1st, Plans Five to Ten More in L.A.Is Harry Morton jealous of Sam Nazarian’s Umami Burger deal or something?
  7. Truckin’
    Harry Morton Hits Vegas and All We Get Is Another Japanese Burger ConceptAt least chef Kerry Simon seems to like Fukuburger, coming to Hollywood this fall.
  8. Empire Building
    Pink Taco Doesn’t Do ‘Help Wanted’ Ads. It Has ‘CastingThe fratty Mexican chain promises its new location will be “super upscale,” which means less donkeys, more models.
  9. Mediavore
    L.A. Food Banks Struggle To Keep Up With Demand; Jennifer Aniston Seen With PinkRoughly 284,000 residents of L.A. county receive assistance from 500 regional food banks, a 21% increase from last year.