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  1. Closings
    Harold Dieterle Says He’ll Close Both of His RestaurantsGood-bye, Perilla and Kin Shop.
  2. Closings
    The Marrow Will Close Tomorrow Night“We weren’t hitting the numbers we needed to hit, so we decided to close it down.”
  3. Marrow
    Harold Dieterle Avoids Show Tunes Whenever PossibleAlso, he’s now spending more on haircuts.
  4. Quote of the Day
    Harold Dieterle on the Staying Power of Top ChefHint: It’s Tom Colicchio
  5. Watch the Bone
    Did the Marrow Really Rip Off Le Bernardin? Harold Dieterle Responds“Bone” appétit, folks.
  6. Restaurant Review
    Platt: At the Marrow, Harold Dieterle Mines His Two Ancestral CuisinesThis German-and-Italian fusion restaurant is slightly schizophrenic.
  7. Openings
    First Look at the Marrow, Harold Dieterle’s European-Influenced WestIn a change of pace, Alicia Nosenzo and chef Harold Dieterle look to Germany and Italy.
  8. Openings
    Kin Shop Team Opens the Marrow in the West VillageThis time, partners Alicia Nosenzo and chef Harold Dieterle are looking to Germany and Italy.
  9. Summits
    StarChefs to Feature 24 Food Carts, Two Pop-up RestaurantsAnd a whole lot of other stuff.
  10. What to Eat
    Now Kin Shop Is Serving Thai Fried Chicken, TooIs a boomlet in the works? Bring it on!
  11. Literary News
    Harold Dieterle Working on Book That Should Maybe Be Called No ThaiAlso, his favorite ingredients include crab and blueberries.
  12. Foodievents
    Kin Shop Wants to Forage for Your LunchHarold Dieterle’s Thai restaurant hosts a foraged-foods meal.
  13. Openings
    Harold Dieterle Heads to Brooklyn With His German-Italian SelfAnd Dieterle crosses over.
  14. Foodievents
    Dine with Top Chef Stars at Wisconsin CasinoTop Chef fans have loads of options to see former contestants and winners this summer.
  15. Openings
    Dieterle Flips the BirdHarold Dieterle shows off the Thai fried chicken he’ll be serving at BeerParc.
  16. The Food Chain
    Harold Dieterle Can’t Get Enough of Dovetail’s ‘Clean,’“He lists the ingredients, and I was like, ‘Dude, is this a dessert?’ But it’s very, very balanced.”
  17. In the Magazine
    Platt on Kin Shop and Bar Basque; Do Restaurant Health Grades Matter?Plus: the Robs chat with chef Sara Jenkins, and the week’s expected restaurant openings, all in this week’s ‘New York.’
  18. The Food Chain
    Michael White Falls for the ‘Incredible’ Flavors in Kin Shop’s“The pork belly is perfectly cooked and the flavors were incredible in this dish.”
  19. Slideshow
    First Look at Kin Shop, Harold Dieterle’s New Thai SpotGet a first look at the “Top Chef” season one winner’s new Thai restaurant.
  20. Top Chef
    Harold Dieterle Honeymoons in Italy, ‘Top Chef D.C.’ Jets to SingaporeCheftestants pack their bags.
  21. Openings
    Spotted Pig Team Lets Go of New Project; the Smile Wants to Open a BreastaurantPlus more from last night’s Community Board 2 meeting.
  22. Openings
    Harold Dieterle Does ThaiHe is indeed opening a new West Village restaurant.
  23. Empire Building
    Rumored Takeovers: New Ones From Todd English, Harold Dieterele, and AlexPlus, Bar Artisanal seems to have closed.
  24. Mediavore
    Nobu Owner Melts Down; Date Night Goes CasualPlus: Foer inspires celebrity veganism, and the SLA gets speedy, all in our morning news roundup.
  25. Bookshelf
    What Do Chefs Read?Five food magazines worth reading.
  26. Starr Power
    Exclusive: Stephen Starr Will Open Tom-Like Restaurant in Philly, Says Big BoxesWe spoke to him in anticipation of a discussion he’ll have with Tom Colicchio on Monday, during ‘Top Chef: Taste of the Five Boroughs.’
  27. Click and Save
    Harold Dieterle Explains Why He Loves BangkokIn a random but oddly enjoyable interview with Harold Dieterle, the Perilla chef and Top Chef laureate tells Gridskipper he loves Bangkok for its duck and deep-tissue massages — but not that kind. Debriefer: Top Chef Harold Dieterle [Gridskipper]
  28. Mediavore
    Cipriani Still Living High on the Hog; Another Mechanical Bull Comes to New YorkThe nation can rest easy in the knowledge that Giuseppe Cipriani is still cruising around in a Rolls-Royce, has kept his private jet, and may even build another yacht in addition to the one he already owns. [NYP] The Shamalian boys opened their rockabilly bar on Essex last night even though it’s unfinished, and there really is a bull! [Eater] The Federal Trade Commission has launched their second attack against the Whole Foods–Wild Oats merger vowing that even though money has already exchanged hands that the integration can still be stopped. [NYT]
  29. Mediavore
    Stark Cuts the Cord With Amalia; Betting on the Next Iron ChefIvy Stark has quit as executive chef at Amalia and may, in fact, return to the B.R. Guest group to spearhead plans for a Dos Caminos Las Vegas. [Foodservice Blog/Nation’s Restaurant News] Related: Will Ivy Stark Return to B.R. Guest? Tom Colicchio doesn’t mind that people come to his restaurants for his celebrity, plus he ponders a showdown with Harold Dieterle and Ilan Hall in this Q&A. [Radar] Caesars Palace is setting the odds to see who will be the Next Iron Chef. Our money’s on Aaron Sanchez. [CNN]
  30. In the Magazine
    A ‘Top Chef’ Surprise and Other Summer Treats The lull of midsummer is already over, and new growths sprout everywhere. A young chef gives his first restaurant a go, a veteran gets his own place for the first time, and an established star gets a fresh start. We have restaurant openings, new and better lemonades, and even a baked squash blossom. Summer is starting to tire, but the food stays sharp.
  31. In the Magazine
    The Tragic Tales Behind ‘Top Chef’So let’s say you somehow make it on to Top Chef or Project Runway, elbowing past the thousands of other rivals seeking to fertilize the egg of an upcoming reality-TV-show season. And let’s say you even win the contest, getting crowned Top Chef or No. 1 designer: Shouldn’t that be enough to launch a career? You would think it would be, but as Jennifer Senior’s article from this week’s issue reveals, it often isn’t — a fact we hope our own Top Chef non-winners, like our friends Joey and Lia, will remember as they return to the kitchens they knew before fame came calling. The Near-Fame Experience [NYM] Related: Joey, Latest ‘Top Chef’ Non-Winner, on Why Rocco Is a Douche Bag ‘Top Chef’ Non-Winner Lia on What Went Wrong
  32. The Other Critics
    Hill Country Triumphs; Perilla Gets Measured Praise, Three Times OverPeter Meehan hails Hill Country as the barbecue to beat in New York, at least as far as beef is concerned: “[The deckle brisket] is a thing of balance and of beauty.” [NYT] As much as Meehan liked the place, Steve Cuozzo may like it even more, not hesitating to crown it New York’s best: “Lots of New York places now claim to have ‘real’ barbecue, and some truly do. But until they catch up with Hill Country, they’re just blowing smoke.” [NYP] 15 East feels the glow of two-star approval, especially for its star octopus. Ushiwakamaru, though not as good, is cheaper, and that’s worth something. [NYT]
  33. The Other Critics
    Landmarc Steals More Stars; Mercat Earns First KudosFrank Bruni inexplicably grants a star to a restaurant with zero ambience, overdone pastas, “tame entrées,” and a “loud” room that’s “dreary at night.” Which is what Adam Platt and everybody else said about Landmarc TWC, though without granting a star for the accomplishment. [NYT] Related: Off the Mark [NYM] Landmarc somehow coaxed three of six stars out of Randall Lane, despite comparable comments on uneven food and a room filled with rebars. The wine list seems to have been the saving grace. [TONY] Mobbed Mercat gets the Paul Adams seal of approval, its first major positive review, which compares it favorably to Boqueria and praises it for special authenticity. Only the desserts are denied praise, and at that point in the review, it hardly matters. [NYS]
  34. Openings
    ‘Top Chef’ Winner Finally Gets in the GameTop Chef is roundly mocked in culinary circles, but that might change with the opening of Perilla, announced by Rob and Robin
  35. In the Magazine
    New York’s Restaurant Jungle Grows a Little Lusher When spring comes, branches and leaves appear in the most unexpected places. This week’s food coverage is like that: There are no huge openings, analogous to maples or firs springing up overnight, but rather a rich carpet of new sprouts and saplings. Rob and Robin glory in the pig-out that is Resto, the new Belgian restaurant on Park Avenue South; Gael Greene stops in to enjoy the immense, spanking-new Landmarc in the Time Warner Center; David Chang knows just what to do with the long-awaited, precious ramps in In Season; and other unexpected treats, from a waterside barbecue in one of the Short Lists to a slew of spring Openings fill out the foliage.
  36. Mediavore
    Car Plows Into Hop Kee; Neroni Keeps SpinningA car plows into the venerable Hop Kee restaurant in Chinatown. The restaurant is damaged, and one person is hurt. [Downtown Express] Izakaya invasion! The city now boasts everything from simple sake joints with food to full-blown small-plate restaurants. [NYDN] The official Times take on the Neroni Affair includes this classic quote, in defense of the Desperate Chef: “If Marco didn’t want anyone signing checks, including Jason, he should have put the checkbook in the safe.” [NYT]
  37. Mediavore
    Openings for Dieterle, Pelaccio; Strange Beard BylawsZak Pelaccio and Top Chef’s Harold Dieterle open new restaurants. [NYT] Related: Harold Dieterle’s Perilla to Open … on Jones Street! [Grub Street] And Jeffrey Chodorow’s new Malaysian restaurant, for which Pelaccio was consulting chef, opens in London. [This Is London] Related: Has the Food Over There Really Become Edible? [NYM] The rat expert who instructed the Department of Health says the city is a rodent’s paradise. [WP]
  38. NewsFeed
    Harold Dieterle’s Perilla to Open … on Jones Street!For someone who cooked his way into the national consciousness on broadcast television, season-one Top Chef Harold Dieterle is taking a surprisingly low-profile approach to the imminent opening of his Greenwich Village restaurant Perilla. An Asian-food fanatic whose signature dish is steamed Thai snapper, the Long Island–raised, CIA-trained chef named the place after an aromatic plant also known as shiso but has kept its location a closely guarded secret. But even the best-laid plans are sometimes foiled by a paper trail: Thanks to a notice of public hearing for a liquor-license application we spotted in the corner of the paper-covered window at 9 Jones Street, just off West 4th Street, the secret is out. Dieterle hasn’t officially confirmed it, but unless there are two Greenwich Village restaurants named after an obscure Asian leaf on the horizon, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before Perilla opens in the space previously occupied by Inside (and before that, Drover’s Tap Room) and Dieterle faces an even tougher panel of judges: the New York dining public. — Rob Patronite & Robin Raisfeld
  39. Back of the House
    Daily Intel Gets GrubbyIt’s been a food-centric day on Daily Intel: There’s a survey of what our new congressional reps ate for breakfast (Eliot Engel is importing New York lox, bagels, and herring); a report on the soon-to-be-reopened 2nd Avenue Deli; and finally, post on Top Chef winner Harold Dieterle and his habit of hanging around the bathroom. Harold Dieterle, ‘Top Chef’ Winner and Health-Code Violator Hello, Deli! The Breakfast of Champions [Daily Intel]