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Happy Meals

  1. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Will Remove Cheeseburgers From Its Happy MealsThe idea is to make the meals ever-so-slightly less unhealthy.
  2. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Adds Watered-down Juice Boxes to Make Happy Meals HealthierIt’s swapping 100 percent juice for an “organic” option that’s half water.
  3. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Testing Breakfast Happy MealsThere will soon be no time of day when your kid can’t demand one.
  4. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Latest Happy Meal Is a Virtual-Reality HeadsetIt’s part of a promo in Sweden.
  5. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Sneaks Books Into Happy MealsThe chain is giving children books, but why?
  6. Sad Meals
    Quinn Attacks Happy Meals, Applebee’s Grilled CheeseIf elected, she won’t ban unhealthy kid’s meals, but nonetheless wants the grilled cheese reined in.
  7. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Now Forcing Kids to Eat (Local, Seasonal) FruitKids will now graze on smaller portions of both fries and fruit.
  8. Other Magazines
    Reason Magazine Fine With McDonald’s, Despite Some Old Creepy AdsThey think the mascot is only giving people what they want, but that’s kind of the problem.
  9. The Chain Gang
    Hey, Kids! Ronald McDonald Returns, But Happy Meals May Be BannedA New York City legislator is the latest to try to ban fast-food toys.
  10. Gone to Seed
    Seed Introduces a Happy Meal to Buck All BansEric Lechasseur’s vegetarian meal-set for kids might even be good enough for the NorCal food police.
  11. Mediavore
    Patrick Backpedals on Food Stamp Fiasco; NECCO Seeks BuyerPlus: San Fran Mayor Newsom will veto Happy Meal ban, and much more all in our morning news round-up.
  12. Mediavore
    Drink Cheap or Die: Governor-Elect Tom Corbett Takes Aim at PLCB Price Hikes;Plus fire damages a historic Bucks County inn, and scientists discover a new species of lizard on restaurant menus in Vietnam, all in our morning news roundup.
  13. Mediavore
    Jessica Seinfeld Wins Cookbook Case; Koo Koo Roo Closing Ten StoresA recipe plagiarism suit is dismissed and a bankrupt chicken chain will only leave three SoCal stores.
  14. Health Concerns
    Next Government Target: Happy Meal ToysDo toys attract kids to fatty foods?
  15. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay Runs the Marathon; ‘Food Deserts’ Are Targeted for ChangeA celeb chef ran over 26 miles in under four hours while Jewish Groups try to lure better grocers to under-served L.A.