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Hanoi House

  1. chef shuffles
    Chef John Nguyen Has Left Hanoi HouseHe’s going to open a new restaurant in Hong Kong.
  2. Don’t Sleep on This Fantastic, Totally Unique PhoSee exactly what makes Hanoi House’s noodle soup so special.
  3. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Pho in New YorkWhere to go for the tastiest, most fragant Vietnamese noodle soups in town, from chicken versions to classic all-beef bowls.
  4. restaurant review
    Review: The Cooking at Hanoi House Tastes Fresh, Homespun, and InventiveChef John Nguyen has a knack for imbuing familiar recipes with a combination of elegance, integrity, and first-class cooking technique.
  5. the dish
    The Vietnamese Sundaes at Hanoi House Are So AddictiveAn inspired version of chè, layered with black-sesame ice cream
  6. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Vietnamese Restaurants in New YorkIt appears that a new era of congeelike chao, turmeric-oil-stained catfish, and pillowy, empanada-like bánh gi is upon us.
  7. openings
    New York Has a New Spot for Ambitious Vietnamese CookingThe owners of Hanoi House want to bring something new to the city’s pho scene.