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  1. The Other Critics
    Chen Chows Chuan Ma Noodle House; Gold Ponders The Japanese Food CourtRosemead’s new Sichuan earns mighty accolades for its hand-cut noodles and six-spice broth.
  2. Openings
    Hannosuke Opens in Mitsuwa for Made-to-Order Tempura DonburiThe food court stand offers two dishes, an original tempura-topped rice bowl and one with Tokyo eel.
  3. Imports
    Hannosuke Spruces Up Mitsuwa, Weeks Away From OpeningThe new restaurant’s look gives the mall a touch of class and contemporary design to savor.
  4. Imports
    Hannosuke Importing Tokyo’s Tendon Tempura Bowls to MitsuwaThe business makes one item, tendon bowls cooked to order.