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Handsome Coffee Roasters

  1. Caffeinated Combat
    Handsome Coffee Roasters Offering Seven-Week Subscription For ColombianCo-founder Chris Owens will offer 50 customers access to seven weeks of great mud.
  2. Interviews
    From Teamster to Taquero: Q&A With Guerrilla Tacos’ Wes AvilaThe Pico-Rivera local tells us a brick-and-mortar might be around the bend.
  3. Freebies
    Free Il Fico Pizza on Oscar Sunday; Gratis Mud on Monday at Handsome CoffeeAfter the carb-crash comes the pick-me-up.
  4. L.A. Diet
    Chef Michael Voltaggio Raids His Brother’s Kitchen, Orders Takeout“I stopped at Chick-fil-A. Yeah, controversial, I know. When I’m traveling, I crave things I don’t normally eat.”
  5. Caffeinated Combat
    Demitasse Plans to Roast Its OwnThe cafe is partnering with Tyrstero’s roaster on a new facility to open in mid-October.
  6. Reopenings
    Le Comptoir Comes Back, Monday at MignonGary Menes is keeping his vegetable omakase in Downtown.
  7. Loco for Locavores
    The Santa Monica Farmers Market Blooms at Handsome Coffee RoastersEvery Wednesday evening, the Produce Project is bringing the coveted wares of SaMo vendors to Downtown residents.
  8. Change of Plans
    Handsome Coffee Roasters Pulls Out of Demi MondeThe L.A. import will stage a series of pop-ups instead.
  9. L.A. Diet
    FoodCrafters Host Aida Mollenkamp Is Obsessed with Sumac, Not a Day“It was a pretty awesome night until my friend’s cooler fell on me and I was soaked to the bone…I looked like I needed Depends.”
  10. Foodies With Benefits
    Huge Gang of Top Chef Vets Reuniting For Whole Pig Potluck at WilshireThe afternoon roast will benefit Share our Strength.
  11. Caffeine Combat
    The Latest in Sang Yoon Syndrome? Handsome Coffee Roasters Witholds YourThey also won’t allow non-fat or low-fat milk to touch their precious mud.
  12. Caffeine Combat
    Handsome Coffee Roasters Soft-Opens With Deal on BeansExpect communal tables, a Probat roasters, and lots of meticulously groomed facial hair.
  13. Caffeine Combat
    Handsome Coffee Roasters Going Retail in DowntownThe bolting Intelligentsia brewers will skip the tricks and snobbery.
  14. L.A. Diet
    Bartender Alex Day Eats Prawns at Jitlada and Travels With Coffee“Hey, life is too short for shitty coffee.”
  15. Neighborhood Watch
    Fonuts Takes Kiss My Bundt Space; Week-Long IPA Fest at Naja’s PlaceRare and prized hoppy beers will dominate The South Bay starting this Thursday.