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  1. Marketing Gimmicks
    Franklin Becker Debuts the Abe & Arthur’s BurgerIt’s already a promotional success!
  2. Food TV
    Demo: Alex Guarnaschelli’s Messy SlidersButter’s chef makes her mom’s meatball sliders.
  3. Other Critics
    Burger Blogging: Early Assessments of the La Cense Beef TruckIs La Cense the new LaFrieda?
  4. Truckin'
    Burger Truck Starts Its EngineThe burger truck is opening in midtown right now.
  5. Truckin'
    La Cense Beef Truck Is Ready to RollGrass-fed burgers are coming to midtown by the end of the week.
  6. Blechtacular
    The Thing That Should Not Be: KPC’s Italian CheeseburgerPlus, signage that’s a perfect storm of Popeyes, KFC, and Church’s.
  7. Openings
    Danny O Hits the Trifecta: Burger Joint, Sandwich Shop, Hot-dog StandA comfort-food triangle in Greenwich Village.
  8. Hours of Operation
    Burger Breakthrough: Spitzer’s Corner Now Serves Burgers Till 5Twelve dollars gets you a short-rib burger, fries, and a shot.
  9. Food Politics
    Burger Run: President Obama Goes to Five GuysThe president takes orders from his staffers and then picks up lunch.
  10. Openings
    Daniel Boulud Shows Off DBGB Menu and Space, Weighs in on Obama BurgerAn early look at the menu.
  11. Openings
    New Burger Chain in ManhattanAnd it’s organic!
  12. Closings
    Steak Frites Prepares to Go ‘Wholesome American’The bistro will soon be serving comfort food. Of course there will be a LaFrieda burger.
  13. Marketing Gimmicks
    Surprise! Grey Poupon Has Something to Say About This Obama/Dijon ThingThe mustard company is the latest to pen an annoying letter to Obama.
  14. Trends
    A Tale of Two Burger Clubs: Burger Club and Burger of the Month ClubWhy does today’s ‘Times’ story about a maniacal burger club seem familiar?
  15. Lists
    Best Burger: Food Network Makes the Conclusive, Highly Authoritative CallIs New York’s “ultimate burger” an old favorite or a Johnny-come-lately?
  16. Openings
    Japanese Butcher Shop Will Bring Wagyu Burgers to Your Next CookoutJapan Premium Beef, Inc.: your new source for home-cooked wagyu steaks.
  17. Openings
    Singas’s SlidersA new mini-burger joint is coming to the East Village.
  18. Hamburgers
    Not Enough Customers at Burger KingShares had their biggest decline in nearly three years.
  19. Burger Boom
    Checkers Coming to Brooklyn?Well, it’s not Sonic, but we may be getting another burger-hop chain.
  20. Menus
    Monkey Bar Menu, Revealed!Our tipster eats at Monkey Bar and calls the burger “a joke.”
  21. TV Land
    The Latest in Burger Porn, Starring Padma LakshmiBacon fans and Padma worshippers, this is your moment.
  22. What to Eat
    Spotted Pig May Have to Find a Roquefort AlternativePlus, how your pig’s head is made.
  23. What to Eat
    Doug Psaltis Aims for Fried-Chicken GreatnessHe’ll add honey-dipped fried chicken to the menu at Smith’s. Plus, other recent comfort-food options.
  24. In the Magazine
    Defonte’s Manhattan Transfer; Double-Burger BoomAlso in this week’s magazine: The E.U. reborn, hydroponic tomatoes, and Citarella in the Hamptons.
  25. Slideshow
    First Look: Spanky’s Reopens As (You Guessed It!) a Burger BarEverything is under $9 — including tater tots stuffed with bacon and jalapeño cheese. The menu and a tour.
  26. Openings
    Minetta Tavern Opens TomorrowMimi Sheraton has an early report.
  27. Your Favorite FoodsResults of a poll asking readers for their favorite pizzas, burgers, bakeries, bars, and bagels.
  28. Beef
    Blais, Bloomingdale’s Prepare to Haggle Over Naming RightsThe former ‘Top Chef’ contender is looking to open a Flip Burger Boutique location in Manhattan, where there’s already a Flip in Bloomingdale’s.
  29. Marketing Gimmicks
    Half-a-Man vs. Food: The Ottomaneli Brothers ChallengeA New York Knick fails to down the 24-ounce steak burger.
  30. Lists
    More Best of New York!Your chance to ask our editors what they were thinking. Plus, happy-hour specials!
  31. Marketing Gimmicks
    Naked Cowboy Is Latest to Be Burger BatteredSmells like publicity stunt.
  32. Openings
    A First Look Inside FlipPlus: See the menu for the make-your-own burger joint.
  33. Burger Bash
    Top Chef’s Spike Wins SoBe Burger BashHis sliders beat out 21 other entries, including a vegan option.
  34. TV Land
    BK Takes ‘Burger Porn’ Way Too LiterallyYes, Burger King totally knows the other definition of “burger shots.”
  35. Beef
    Katie Lee Joel Ready to Defend Burger TitleThe cookbook author will bring the competition to South Beach.
  36. Glamburgers
    City Burger Embraces the HypeNot quite as crazy as the Al Franken quotes at Gray’s Papaya, but…
  37. Recession Is Your Friend
    Eat Telepan’s Burger at Sunday SupperThe Platt-approved hamburger crosses over from the lunch menu.
  38. Menu Changes
    In Which We Ask a ‘Mostly Vegetarian’ to Assess BroadwayPlus, the rest of the new chef Gavin Mills’s bar menu, and news of a prix fixe.
  39. Beef
    Shopsin’s vs. Black LabelShopsin: ‘The Black Label burger is bullshit.’
  40. Empire Building
    Five Guys Grows in BrooklynThe D.C. chain is expanding in Brooklyn. Plus, video of Obama’s Air Force One burger.
  41. Burger Love
    Txikito Enters Burger Wars With New Lunch Menu’Many burger aficionados will be delighted to know that Raij is an adherent of the thin-patty school…’
  42. Food Politics
    How Obama Likes His BurgersMedium-well, with mustard. Really.
  43. Recession Is Your Friend
    Glamburger on a BudgetIrving Mill is launching Burger + Beer Mondays.
  44. Beef
    Cutlets Catches Heat for Hamburger HyperboleAmong other things, not everyone thinks Obama should “hamburger-ize” the economy.
  45. Openings
    McNetta TavernThe first menu item at Keith McNally’s Minetta Tavern is revealed.
  46. Hamburgers
    Hidden Chinese Diner Burger Has Imitable BunThe burger is reinvented with a Chinese bun.
  47. In Poor Taste
    Fast-Food Freak-out Is Perfect Excuse for Hamburglar PunsA Vero Beach man commits assault with a deadly Whopper.
  48. Glamburgers
    Pat La Frieda’s ‘Black Label’ Glamburger Is Finally UnveiledCould this be the next Irving Mill burger?
  49. Hamburgers
    How the Burger Gets MadeA tour of La Frieda Meats.
  50. Burger Battles
    Bruni Loves Irving Mill Burger, Arthur Schwartz Despises White CastleJosh Ozersky attempts to sell Arthur Schwartz on White Castle, and fails miserably.
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