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Hallie Beaune

  1. Beer Me
    The Beer Chicks Join Wigger and Marianella at Trattoria NeapolisAn Italian-Californian dream-team is assembling in Pasadena.
  2. TV Land
    The Beer Chicks Appearing Next Week on Cooking Channel’s Eat This, DrinkThe duo will not only drink and pair beer, but also plan sweet corn floats and sweet potato cocktails.
  3. TV Land
    The Beer Chicks Meet Gordon Ramsay, Tonight on Hell’s KitchenThe two promise to turn Gordo into a beer drinker.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    Slaw Dogs Brings Rippers to the Valley; New Hipster Pizza in Little TokyoL.A. Craft Beer Crawl, Rosa Mexicano Ice Cream Social, L.A.’s first Mexican-Kosher restaurant, and more in the Neighborhood Watch.
  5. Openings
    Public School 612 Opens Downtown TomorrowUnlike our own alma mater, the main subject here is craft beer.
  6. Coming Soon
    Public School 612 Coming Downtown From Owners of The Daily GrillWith help from half of The Beer Chicks team, the chefs at this forthcoming gastropub plan to infuse beer into their dishes.
  7. L.A. Diet
    The Beer Chicks Obsessively Eat Pickles and Have a Craft Brew for Almost Every“We always drink, like, waaay too much coffee and sometimes we go to ‘the bad place’ with it.”
  8. Bookshelf
    Local Beer Sommeliers Debut The Naked PintTwo local beer experts collaborate on a craft brew bible.