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  1. TV Land
    Gandolfini to Play Jersey Barbecue DiplomatThe incredible story of the owner of Cubby’s BBQ in Hackensack.
  2. Other Cities
    Smashburger Invades White Manna Territory in JerseyA beloved burger chain increases its northeast profile.
  3. White Manna
    A Reason to Travel to Jersey: The Famous White Manna Hamburger StandClassic burgers at this vintage burger stand.
  4. Back of the House
    The Hackensack-Pyongyang Connection The New Yorker has a truly mind-boggling story in this week’s issue, a story so bizarre we could hardly believe it, even though we’re familiar with the subject. Bobby Egan, the owner of an unremarkable Hackensack meatery named Cubby’s, has become an unofficial liaison with the North Korean government. We expected the piece to be pretty lighthearted, the tale of an unwitting dupe doing PR for Kim Jong Il as if he were the Mayor of West New York. The truth is far weirder, and more chilling: In fact, Egan presents himself as an adviser to the North Koreans on high matters of state.