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  1. Beef
    GM Who Tangled With Ryan Skeen Lands at La EsquinaAnd what was Danny Meyer dining on there last night?
  2. Beef
    Trouble in Harlem: Ryan Skeen ‘Assaulted’ by GM, Loses Front ofNot even a week after its opening, there’s been a shocking shake-up at 5 & Diamond.
  3. NewsFeed
    Bubby’s in the Hands of Mystery Blogger Gwen ButlerGwen Butler, the anonymous blogger we unmasked as the creator of Sympathy for the Restaurant Industry, never officially confirmed that she was the Boston bartender who got $2.75 million from a random patron to open (unsuccessfully, it turned out) her own restaurant. And she would never tell us exactly what she was doing in New York, either. (It was obviously something, since she stopped updating the blog back in September.) But now we know she’s the director of operations for Ron Silver’s restaurant group, including Bubby’s, recently reopened after a DOH closure. Will Butler be able to turn the place around and fight off all those roaches? It’s a cliffhanger worthy of an Internet roman à clef! Related: Is Our Mystery Roman à Clef Writer the $2.45 Million Boston Bartender? Bubby’s DOH Report: Closed Thanks to Biblical Swarm of Roaches
  4. NewsFeed
    Is Our Mystery Roman à Clef Writer the $2.45 Million Boston Bartender?After we brought to your attention the dishy fictionalization of Sam Mason, Keith McNally, Graydon Carter, et al that we’ve grown totally obsessed over, Fishbowl New York picked up on the story and got Abbe Diaz to deny that she was the author, as we initially considered. So who is the author? We’re now almost certain it’s Gwen Butler. You may or may not remember her as the Boston bartender who tried (and failed) to open a restaurant using the $2.45 million that one of her customers gave her on a whim, then started a blog called the Full Comp only to shut it down after posting an item described by the Boston Herald as “an XXX-rated diatribe” against her ex-boss, Garrett Harker of Beantown’s Eastern Standard Kitchen.