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Guys And Dolls

  1. Neighborhood Watch
    Cabbage Patch Comes Downtown; Loteria Looking at Third Street PromenadeBoth Jimmy Shaw and Samir Mohajer’s empires grow in different directions.
  2. Crime Scenes
    Valet Killed, Two People Wounded at Scandal-Plagued Guys and DollsThe club had been on an informal probation for serving underage drinkers, among other violations.
  3. Mediavore
    British Soccer Players Blow Small Fortune at XIV; White House Chef Cooks UpWhile Britain weeps, two players have a ball and Sam Kass helps lead the charge on healthy food initiatives.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    Jason Travi Joins O.C.’s Mesa; Forty Fish Found Dead in Echo Park LakeThe former Fraiche chef debuts a new menu in Costa Mesa and a mysterious tragedy befalls carp.