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  1. Food TV
    Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Filming In PhillyThe mayor of Flavortown wants to bro-down with us.
  2. We Don’t Actually Dislike Him
    Guy Fieri to Open Winery and Event Space in SonomaPimpin’ Pinot, anyone?
  3. Crime Scenes
    Accused Guy Fieri Lambo Thief Seeks Change of Venue for TrialThe attorney says that any jury pool for accused attempted killer and thief eighteen-year-old Max Wade has already been poisoned by the media coverage.
  4. Year In Review
    Five Ways Dining Changed in Philadelphia in 2012Though the bar’s set higher for gastropubs, there’s still plenty of room for fine and fun dining.
  5. Dr. Guy
    Guy Fieri Is Now Dr. Guy Fieri“I’ve had some great things happen in my career, but this is at the top.”
  6. Video Feed
    Why Yes, Guy Fieri Did Have a Rock of Ages Cameo This WeekAnd of course there’s video.
  7. Quote of the Day
    Someone Still Loves You, Guy FieriEddie Huang recalls the moment Guy Fieri kept his dreams aloft.
  8. Yolo Sauce
    Guy Fieri and Drake Are Cooking With GasSo, this happened.
  9. Food TV
    World’s Weirdest Restaurants to Visit So-Not-Weird Tattooed MomSorry, but tattooed folks drinking PBR pounders isn’t really all that weird.
  10. Burn Sauce
    Weak Sauce: Restaurant Critics Endure Fairly Boring Death Threats“Fieri dumped a 500-seat tourist shakedown apparatus in the middle of Times Square.”
  11. Video Feed
    Watch Fake Guy Fieri Respond to the Times Takedown Review“If you come in expecting Le Cirque, then you’re a Le Jerk.”
  12. The Feeding Tube
    Guy Fieri Responds to Times Smackdown [Updated]“That to me went so overboard, it really seemed like there was another agenda.”
  13. We Don’t Actually Dislike Him
    Sonoma Wants to Disown Hometown Boy Guy Fieri TooThat Pete Wells review has set everyone on fire with Fieri hate.
  14. Quote of the Day
    Stiffed Waiters, in More Ways Than OneYour server for the evening will be the first one to be fired after your bad review.
  15. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Wells Trashes Fieri, Sutton Applauds Maison PremierePlus: Cuozzo on the UES, Tejal Rao on M. Wells, and more.
  16. Flavortown Lost
    Twenty-eight of the Best Twitter Reactions to the New York TimesThe good, bad, and the blowhards on the review tweeted around the world.
  17. Hamburger Helpers
    Want to Try ‘Guy’s Homemade Million Island Blue Cheese Sweet BBQCajun shrimp, oriental spices, buttermilk-fried — all on a burger.
  18. Video Feed
    Watch Guy Fieri Do a Shot With Bon Appétit’s Andrew KnowltonPickup lines you’ll want to try out on beautiful women!
  19. Flavortown
    To the Brim: Crazy Legs Conti Versus Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and BarWe dine with the only customer suited for the brazen excess of Guy Fieri’s Times Square restaurant: a competitive eater.
  20. Crime Scenes
    Max Wade, Accused Fieri Lamborghini Thief, Will Stand TrialThe trial date is still TBD.
  21. Good Times
    The 22 Best Lines From Last Night’s Roast of Anthony Bourdain“Anthony Bourdain, the original culinary gangster, spitting truth to power, taking down the hacks and phonies, all in a $4,000 Hermès suit.”
  22. Crime Scenes
    Preliminary Hearing Begins for Accused Fieri Lamborghini ThiefTestimony just began in the trial of teenage (alleged) thief, Max Wade.
  23. Beef
    Is Anthony Bourdain Getting Too Predictable?He’s a really articulate person, but that’s his problem.
  24. TV Land
    Tupelo: Not a Diner, Not a Drive-In, and Not a DiveBut it’s good enough for Guy Fieri.
  25. Close Readings
    Donkey Sauce, DeconstructedThe menu at Guy Fieri’s new restaurant has some impressive prose.
  26. Foodies With Benefits
    Mario Batali and Guy Fieri Cooking Together at Benefit Dinner in Santa RosaIt happens this Friday, September 14.
  27. What to Eat
    See the Menu for Guy’s American Kitchen, Dude!Guy Fieri’s massive Times Square feeding trough opens Sunday — see the menu!
  28. Crime Scenes
    Guy Fieri Still Can’t Have His Lambo BackIt’s still in police possession, four months later.
  29. Video Feed
    Watch Mark Peel Make Duck Truffle Sausage, Forget Giada’s Name, and Dis GuyThe Campanile chef proves he’s more concerned with the kitchen than the boob tube.
  30. Crime Scenes
    Guy Fieri Lamborghini Thief Max Wade Gets Friend to Try to Bust Him Out of JailWhoa.
  31. Parodies
    Fake, Guy Fieri–Starring Road House Parody Script Is the Internet“Guy Cooler (played by Guy Fieri) is hangin’ out behind the bar, peepin’ all the babes and makin’ sure everyone’s safe.”
  32. Foodievents
    Bourdain Can Give It, But Can He Take It?A plethora of frienemies like Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri will gather to roast him.
  33. Celebrity Settings
    John Mayer Takes Hunger Games Star to Medieval Times; Lindsay Lohan MeetsIn both cases, it’s unfortunately not what it sounds like.
  34. Chefs
    Cavalcade of News: Sarah’s Pastries Closing, Trotter’s May Let His Hair…Up,Closings for the 4th, Trotter wants Guy Fieri, Three Floyds says that’s enough and more.
  35. Crime Scenes
    Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Thief Pleads Not GuiltyAnd the story gets more interesting…
  36. Food Network Star
    Where ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’ and Guy Fieri Are in the Same SentenceNever again.
  37. Chef Romance
    Michael Schlow Gets Hitched Alongside Mario Batali, Guy Fieri, and Michael StipeThe food was pretty good, too.
  38. Celebrity Settings
    Guy Fieri Is Keeping Quite a Low ProfileHe’s currently cruising through Medford.
  39. Coming Soon
    Guy Fieri Opening Gigantic NYC Restaurant in Times SquareIt’ll be in Times Square, obviously.
  40. TV Land
    Guy Fieri’s in Brookline TodayHe’s taping at Cutty’s.
  41. Crime Scenes
    Teen Who (Allegedly) Stole Fieri’s Lambo Was Scorned By GirlAlso, we have a photo now.
  42. Crime Scenes
    Teen Who Stole Fieri’s Lambo IdentifiedHe’s a ne’er-do-well from San Rafael who also allegedly shot at some friends.
  43. Crime Scenes
    Guy Fieri’s Stolen Lamborghini Found!Finally!
  44. Barack Obama
    Fan Accidentally Douses Obama in Fro-Yo, But He’s Cool With ItEver smooth, the POTUS cleans it up and talks cheese fries.
  45. We Actually Don’t Dislike Him
    This Ridiculously Huge Yellow Truck Belongs to Guy FieriWe should have known.
  46. Seat Me
    Food Network Launching OpenTable Competitor in PhillyWith the promise of lower costs and custom web-based video, the Food Network–backed service could put a dent in OpenTable’s supremacy.
  47. Kewl
    Guy Fieri Makes Cruise Ship Even CheesierAnd fatter.
  48. The Other Critics
    Virbila Nearly Overdoses on Bäco Mercat; Gold Gets Deep on Josef CentenoBoth critics love the breadth and invention at the new Downtown home of the chef’s bäco.
  49. Dudes
    Guy Fieri: Pees and CarrotsWhippin’ out recipes right and left.
  50. Quote of the Day
    Isn’t It Bad Enough That the Person Now Has to Own a Guy Fieri Knife?A chef loses a Guy Fieri–approved keepsake in his kitchen, and he is pissed.
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