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  1. encounter
    Guy Fieri Is America’s Most Misunderstood ChefA trip to the ranch with the morale-boosting Mayor of Flavortown.
  2. food fight
    America Will Finally Get the Guy Fieri–José Andrés Showdown It DeservesFlavortown versus Spain, NBA style.
  3. good deeds
    Guy Fieri Helped Cook Thanksgiving Meals for 15,000 Camp Fire EvacueesHe volunteered with José Andrés’s disaster relief organization.
  4. closings
    A Complete History of Guy Fieri’s Times Square RestaurantWe’ll be honest: It’s mostly lowlights.
  5. closings
    Guy Fieri’s Much-Loathed Times Square Restaurant to Close ForeverThe final day of service will reportedly be New Year’s Eve.
  6. bad ideas
    A Guy Fieri Pub Crawl Will Soon Threaten New York’s StreetsWhy?
  7. enough is enough
    Maybe It’s Not Time to Reconsider Guy Fieri After AllThe backlash to the backlash was inevitable. It’s also inane.
  8. welcome to flavor town
    ‘Most-Hated Man in America’ Visits New York City’s All-Time Worst RestaurantMartin Shkreli visited Guy’s American Kitchen to livestream happy hour.
  9. Video Feed
    Watch Guy Fieri Eating to Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’“What have I become, my sweetest friend?”
  10. The Feeding Tube
    These Are the Best #GuyFieriMoviesTwitter users fantasize about a Dude, Where’s My Carbs? or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross.
  11. This Is Happening
    Guy Fieri’s $700 Super Bowl Buffet Is So American It HurtsEat Donkey Sauce and get hammered with Erin Andrews before the game.
  12. Food Fight
    Guy Fieri Fires Back At Bourdain“You have nothing else to fucking worry about than if I have bleached hair or not?”
  13. Nuptials
    Guy Fieri Officiated a Massive Gay Wedding in Miami#101GayWeddings got a dose of love, peace, and taco grease.
  14. Guy Fieri
    A Restaurant Owner Fired a Manager for Sabotaging a Guy Fieri TV ShootThe feud is reality show-worthy.
  15. Guy Fieri
    Guy Fieri Rocked a Very Real Mullet As Recently As 2000It’s exactly the #tbt tweet you expected.
  16. Guy Fieri
    One of Guy Fieri’s Restaurants Just Closed With ‘No Warning atThey’re calling it the Day the Volcano Chicken Stopped Erupting.
  17. Guy Fieri
    Here Come the Guy Fieri Halloween CostumesBe the mayor of Flavortown for just $10.
  18. Legends
    Guy Fieri Finally Met 50 CentGuy did his regular pointing thing, then 50 put his arm around Guy.
  19. Kewl
    Guy Fieri Invades New Jersey With Atlantic City RestaurantIt’s going to be the kewlest kasino steakhouse around.
  20. That Guy
    Guy Fieri Loves Bobby Moynihan’s Guy Fieri Impression on SNLThey should probably just let him guest-host.
  21. Video Feed
    Watch Guy Fieri Talk Up His Humble Origins As a Child-Prodigy Pretzel VendorHe wants more kids to start off like he did.
  22. Who Runs Flavortown
    Guy Fieri Wasn’t That Impressed With the Food at Guy’s American“Let’s be realistic about what this was.”
  23. Menu Planning
    Guy Fieri Really Outdoes Himself With New Vegas MenuGet ready for General Tso’s lollipop chicken and a bar devoted to shots.
  24. Lists
    Gnocchi-Makers and Cognac Snifters: 14 Chefs and Their Very First TweetsThis is going to get awkward.
  25. Video Feed
    Watch Action Bronson Profess His Admiration for Guy FieriJust don’t get hm started on Sammy Hagar, who’s a lot “like a Guy Fieri I don’t like.”
  26. Too Kewl for Skeewl
    Guy Fieri Introduces ‘Kraft Kocktails’ Menu at Johnny Garlic’sThere’s a little bit of Sierra Mist in every Kentucky Buck.
  27. Quote of the Day
    Anthony Bourdain’s Still Not a Fan of Guy-talian NachosJust don’t get him started on that “Peace, love, and taco grease” tagline.
  28. Just Guy
    Guy Fieri’s Twitter Bio Is Just ‘Guy Fieri’At least the celebrity chef knows exactly who he is.
  29. Video Feed
    Watch Max Wade Steal Guy Fieri’s LamborghiniWade was tried for the theft and the attempted murder of two people.
  30. Bottomless Cup
    Guy Fieri’s Radical K-Cup Coffee Line Looks Really KewlThe Bananas Foster flavor may even bring you back to your days as a flambé captain.
  31. Bashes
    Guy Fieri Is Having a Huge Super Bowl PartyJust remember: No autograph requests will be honored.
  32. Crime
    Teen Who Stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Sentenced to LifeMax Wade tried to kill two teenagers, prosecutors argued.
  33. Video Feed
    Guy Fieri’s Full Throttle Christmas Special Is Barely Parody,“Merry Christmas, you skanks.”
  34. The Feeding Tube
    Is the Food Network Overcooked?There hasn’t been a breakout food TV star in a while.
  35. Crime Scenes,
    Not Kewl: Teen Found Guilty of Stealing Guy Fieri’s LamborghiniMax Wade faces up to 30 years in prison.
  36. Ick
    Did an NYCWFF Event Give a Bunch of People Food Poisoning?“Obviously, when you’re throwing up blood, it’s time to go to the ER.”
  37. The Feeding Tube
    Vanity Fair Takes On TV Chef ScandalsSomehow only Gordo, who makes millions acting furious, remains unscathed.
  38. You’ve Been Bagged
    Price Check: Guy Fieri to Host Guy’s Grocery Games“The food does the talking, as one-by-one the losing chefs are ‘bagged,’”
  39. Flavortown
    Guy Fieri Promoting the New Adam Sandler Movie With ‘Grown UpsOf course.
  40. E.L.E.
    Guy Fieri and Mario Batali Ate Pizza at Roberta’s in Bushwick YesterdayBrooklyn is over.
  41. Coming Soon
    Guy Fieri Has a Big Las Vegas Restaurant in the WorksDoes he have a tequila-soaked, crawfish- and wasabi-infused, nacho-cheese-flavored bun in the oven?
  42. Quote of the Day
    Pat LaFrieda Not Really Into Meaty HypeHe stays true to his principles.
  43. Foodievents
    Here’s Your First Look at the Lineup for the 2013 New York City Wine &The blockbuster event is moving out of the meatpacking district this year.
  44. Wasabi Funk
    Guy Fieri’s Favorite Band Is Called Sophistafunk, NaturallyFreebird!
  45. Guy Fieri Food
    Guy Fieri Closes Tex Wasabi’s Location in Sacramento, Flips It Into aWe suppose they’re interchangeable?
  46. Video Feed
    Watch Williamsburg React to News of Guy Fieri’s New Brooklyn RestaurantFactory-farm-to-table, indeed.
  47. Pre-Previews
    Joe Montana Allegedly Developing a Burger Place in S.F.He declined to elaborate, however.
  48. Leftovers
    Guy Fieri Invades The Golden State; Nobu Malibu Now Serving LunchAlso, there’s a Chinese restaurant called “Face” coming to Santa Monica.
  49. Crime Scenes
    Max Wade, Accused Thief of Fieri’s Lambo, Is Kind of FascinatingThere’s also now a rap song about him.
  50. Donkey Sauced
    Here’s the Greatest, Fakest Guy’s American Kitchen Parody Website“Mushroom dribblins” should be a thing.
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