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Guy’s American Kitchen

  1. closings
    A Complete History of Guy Fieri’s Times Square RestaurantWe’ll be honest: It’s mostly lowlights.
  2. closings
    Guy Fieri’s Much-Loathed Times Square Restaurant to Close ForeverThe final day of service will reportedly be New Year’s Eve.
  3. welcome to flavor town
    ‘Most-Hated Man in America’ Visits New York City’s All-Time Worst RestaurantMartin Shkreli visited Guy’s American Kitchen to livestream happy hour.
  4. Who Runs Flavortown
    Guy Fieri Wasn’t That Impressed With the Food at Guy’s American“Let’s be realistic about what this was.”
  5. Bashes
    Guy Fieri Is Having a Huge Super Bowl PartyJust remember: No autograph requests will be honored.
  6. Coming Soon
    Guy Fieri Has a Big Las Vegas Restaurant in the WorksDoes he have a tequila-soaked, crawfish- and wasabi-infused, nacho-cheese-flavored bun in the oven?
  7. Quote of the Day
    Pat LaFrieda Not Really Into Meaty HypeHe stays true to his principles.
  8. Video Feed
    Watch Williamsburg React to News of Guy Fieri’s New Brooklyn RestaurantFactory-farm-to-table, indeed.
  9. Donkey Sauced
    Here’s the Greatest, Fakest Guy’s American Kitchen Parody Website“Mushroom dribblins” should be a thing.
  10. Video Feed
    Watch Fake Guy Fieri Respond to the Times Takedown Review“If you come in expecting Le Cirque, then you’re a Le Jerk.”
  11. Flavortown Lost
    Twenty-eight of the Best Twitter Reactions to the New York TimesThe good, bad, and the blowhards on the review tweeted around the world.
  12. Hamburger Helpers
    Want to Try ‘Guy’s Homemade Million Island Blue Cheese Sweet BBQCajun shrimp, oriental spices, buttermilk-fried — all on a burger.
  13. Beef
    Is Anthony Bourdain Getting Too Predictable?He’s a really articulate person, but that’s his problem.
  14. What to Eat
    See the Menu for Guy’s American Kitchen, Dude!Guy Fieri’s massive Times Square feeding trough opens Sunday — see the menu!