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  1. report
    Grubhub Offered New York ‘Free Lunch.’ Now New York Hates Grubhub.The delivery app’s promotion overwhelmed restaurant workers and angered hungry New Yorkers.
  2. big delivery
    5 Big Reasons the Delivery ‘Boom’ May Soon Go BustA new study shows that 2020 was more of a bust for third-party platforms.
  3. apps
    Big Delivery Is Winning — Even If Everyone Hates ItDelivery services don’t work for restaurant owners, but somehow they keep growing.
  4. delivery
    Uber Is Reportedly Trying to Gobble Up GrubhubJust some good old-fashioned consolidation.
  5. delivery
    Restaurants Are Fighting to Survive. Grubhub Is Reporting Record Revenue.The delivery platform, which has been roundly criticized for its high fees, says orders were up 20 percent in April.
  6. coronavirus
    San Francisco Caps How Much Delivery Services Can Charge RestaurantsMayor London Breed says the move will help restaurants survive the coronavirus crisis.
  7. food delivery
    The City Council Is Taking Aim at Food-Delivery AppsCouncilmembers are considering a set of bills that would limit the power Grubhub and others have over the local restaurant industry.
  8. online delivery
    NYC Council Member Calls for GrubHub Antitrust InvestigationHe’s asked the New York Attorney General to do so.
  9. food delivery
    What You Need to Know About the GrubHub Website ControversyAccording to a new report, the delivery service has been registering domains to the detriment of restaurants.
  10. delivery wars
    Amazon Will Kill Its Restaurant Delivery ServiceAfter four years, the tech company is shutting down Amazon Restaurants.
  11. lawsuits
    GrubHub Has Never Been a Food-Delivery Company, Executive SwearsIt’s part of the company’s legal strategy to ensure that delivery people remain “independent contractors.”
  12. lawsuits
    Food Couriers Say Delivery Services Are Screwing Them Out of PayAt least three lawsuits right now argue they’re being unlawfully classified as contract workers.
  13. food delivery
    GrubHub Is Buying Yelp’s Food-Delivery Platform for $288 MillionYelp officially exits the delivery game, in another big food merger.
  14. not mincing words
    GrubHub CEO Suggests Employees Who Approve of Trump’s Rhetoric Should Quit“If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.”
  15. Delivery
    Seamless Launching Its Own (New) Delivery Service in NYCWith the company handling deliveries itself, it’s going right after start-ups such as Caviar and Maple.
  16. Out In The Cold
    Here’s How Much Business Blizzard Jonas Took Away From RestaurantsReservations took a nosedive, and even delivery orders had issues.
  17. Delivery
    Uber’s Food-Delivery App Is Launching in 10 U.S. CitiesUberEATS is expected to join the herd of big-city meal couriers by March.
  18. Ghosting
    How GrubHub Seamless Plans to Eliminate Ghost Restaurants From Its ListingsThe company is working with New York’s Department of Health to verify the legitimacy of businesses.
  19. Delivery
    You Can Now Order Takeout Right in Google’s Search ResultsIt’s an even faster way to use Seamless.
  20. The Future
    Uber Begins Testing 10-Minute Food DeliveryMaybe prepare for $35 surge-priced chicken-noodle soup.
  21. Deliverance
    Seamless Will Make It Harder for Restaurants to Steal Delivery Workers’There was nothing in the services contracts about passing on gratuities.
  22. Deliverance
    U.K. Delivery Service Just Eat Has $600 Million IPOHow appetizing.
  23. Deliverance
    That GrubHub IPO Is Now Valued at $1.7 BillionThe revised prospectus bumps up the delivery company’s value a lot.
  24. Deliverance
    GrubHub Files for $100 Million IPOThe delivery company juggernaut says it has 3.4 million users.
  25. Deliverance
    Tribeca Citizen Outs Fake Restaurants As GrubHub Seamless Prepares IPONot good.
  26. Deliverance
    Seamless-GrubHub Delivery Juggernaut Agrees to End Exclusivity ArrangementsDinner checks and balances in action.
  27. Deliverance
    GrubHub and Seamless Merge to Form Food-Delivery JuggernautThe bride and groom are keeping their names, maybe.
  28. The Future
    GrubHub Introduces New Delivery Tracking OptionsWhere’s my pizza now?
  29. Surveys
    Babson Kids Get the Munchies a LotThey just love their takeout!
  30. Mediavore
    Feds Raid Seven IHOPs; GrubHub Goes ShoppingMaybe the agents just had a really strong craving for chocolate chip pancakes?
  31. Awkward Situations
    Grub With Us: No Drunks, No Hogs, No Political RantingLeave your Rick Perry pin at home.
  32. Lawsuits
    Man Sues Grub Hub After $1 Fettucini Alfredo DiscrepancyOne order of chicken alfredo has led to a major lawsuit against Grub Hub.
  33. Mediavore
    Tyra Is on The Food Truck Tip; Port of L.A. Votes on Promenade PlanTyra tackles L.A.’s current food trend, while The Port of Los Angeles considers a plan to incorporate shops and restaurants.