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  1. gross
    It’s Time to Stop Calling Foods ‘Crack’A restaurant chain is nixing the term from its menu, and others should follow.
  2. gross
    Waitress Violates First Rule of Spitting in Food by Actually Informing CustomerAn actual case of everyone’s worst restaurant nightmare.
  3. This Vertical Egg Cooker Produces Sickening, Fascinating Omelets-on-a-StickYou’ve (hopefully) never seen eggs like this.
  4. The 5 Most Disgusting-Sounding Oreo Flavors Ever Sold in the U.S.What’s with all the ones based on beverages?
  5. Gross
    Oh No: There’s Now Cold-Brewed Butter Coffee in a Can“Upgrading” your coffee is finally as easy as popping a tab.
  6. Gross
    Times Square on NYE Gets Even WorseDinner at Ruby Tuesday costs up to $1,699.
  7. Bad Calls
    Subway Employee Makes Penis SandwichHis esteemed colleague froze a bottle of pee.
  8. Gross
    Urasawa Employee Was Allegedly Told He Wasn’t Allowed to UseOmakase? Fat chance, from now on.
  9. Gross
    Jay Rayner Wants Us to Eat Him“My rump will be as marbled as the arse of a prize wagyu.” What?
  10. Gross
    Why Eat Bacon and Cupcakes When You Can Lick Them in Paper Form?Bacon-flavored envelopes and American Greetings’ new line of “Tasties” cards want to get us licking our stationery.
  11. Closings
    Did Inappropriate Dishes Kill Flirt Sushi?They certainly didn’t help!
  12. Blechtacular
    Red Robin Goes for the GrossThe burger chain is the latest to try to charm customers with a blechtacular creation.
  13. Viral
    Domino’s Cracks Down on Little SnotsA “viral” video caught Domino’s with its pants down.