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Grocery Wars

  1. grocery wars
    New York’s First Lower-Priced Whole Foods 365 Store Will Open Next WeekThe new shop is on the border of Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn.
  2. grocery wars
    Someone Already Accidentally Shoplifted at Amazon’s New Cashierless StoreA reporter inadvertently stole a yogurt.
  3. grocery wars
    Amazon’s First Cashierless Store Looks an Awful Lot Like Whole FoodsJeff Bezos apparently plans on getting lots of mileage out of his newest acquisition.
  4. grocery wars
    What’s the Real Reason Whole Foods’ Shelves Are Always Empty?Staffers say a “militaristic” stocking system — put in place just before Amazon’s purchase — causes headaches for customers and employees.
  5. grocery wars
    More People Say They’re Finding ‘Entirely Empty’ Shelves at Whole FoodsThe gripe comes as local vendors also complain that they’re being pushed aside for national brands.
  6. grocery wars
    Ongoing Price Wars Give Grocery Shoppers Lowest Thanksgiving Prices in 5 YearsJust about everything is cheaper this year, from turkeys on down.
  7. grocery wars
    Walmart Is Making Punch-Flavored Pickles to Compete With AmazonThe war over groceries moves to a “secret” Arkansas food lab.
  8. grocery wars
    People Are Forming iPhone-Length Lines to Get Into a New Grocery ChainGerman discount grocer Lidl has found many fans in the U.S.
  9. grocery wars
    Amazon Cuts Whole Foods’ Prices Again Ahead of ThanksgivingIt’s also rewarding Prime members with an extra 20 percent off turkeys.
  10. grocery wars
    Postmates Is Now Promising Customers 30-Minute Grocery DeliveriesBasically AmazonFresh, only it’s way faster and costs just $9.99 a month.
  11. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Scaling Back Its Fresh-Food DeliveryBut it will keep operating in big cities like New York and L.A.
  12. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Is Actually Hiring Another 6,000 Human WorkersA small victory against Amazon’s robot overlords.
  13. grocery wars
    Will Amazon Kill Whole Foods’ Low-Priced 365 Chain?One of the only six locations that ever opened just closed for good.
  14. grocery wars
    Walmart Wants Your House Keys So It Can Store Groceries Directly in the FridgeA “convenient” service that happens while you’re “at work” or “off doing other things.”
  15. grocery wars
    Prices at Whole Foods Are Already Creeping Back UpThe cost of dairy and frozen foods has actually increased since Amazon’s takeover.
  16. grocery wars
    Albertsons Is Buying Meal-Kit Start-up PlatedIt’s the first grocery chain to gobble up a meal-kit business.
  17. grocery wars
    Amazon Merger Is Bringing Whole Foods the Most Shoppers It’s Had in YearsDespite the fact that prices really aren’t any lower overall.
  18. grocery wars
    Amazon Prime Will Be Whole Foods’ Rewards ProgramYour $99 membership will grant you “special savings and other in-store benefits.”
  19. grocery wars
    Walmart Opened an Organic Fast-food Restaurant Inside One of Its SupermarketsThe company that sells Larry the Cable Guy chips has entered the “slow food for fast people” business.
  20. goose eggs
    Target Dumps Hampton CreekIt’s a significant blow for the Just Mayo producer.
  21. closings
    The Garden of Eden Grocery Store in Chelsea Will CloseThe company filed for bankruptcy last year, citing “a historic lack of patronage.”
  22. grocery wars
    This New ‘Brandless’ Online Grocery Store Sells Everything for $3Over half the products are organic, and everything is GMO- and preservative-free.
  23. grocery wars
    Amazon Will Likely Cut Warehouse Jobs First at Whole FoodsThousands of robots will take over.
  24. the chain gang
    Brooklyn’s New Trader Joe’s Opens TomorrowIn the City Point development.
  25. love stories
    Whole Foods Doesn’t Have a ‘Tinder Relationship’ With Amazon, Its CEO ClarifiesJohn Mackey is quite infatuated with his new boss.
  26. grocery wars
    Alice Waters to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: You Can ‘Change Our Food System Overnight’She has something to say about the online retailer’s purchase of Whole Foods.
  27. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Reportedly Planning to Cut Jobs at Whole FoodsInsiders say Bezos is looking into “using technology to eliminate cashiers.”
  28. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Buying Whole FoodsThe online giant is going all in on IRL groceries.
  29. grocery wars
    Whole Foods CEO Is Ready to Fight Those ‘Greedy Bastard’ Activist InvestorsHe also sees similarities with the Ringwraiths from The Lord of the Rings.
  30. grocery wars
    Trader Joe’s Introduces the World’s Teeny-Tiniest AvocadosCute and single-serving-size, for the win.
  31. grocery wars
    Here’s Why German Discounter Lidl Will Escalate America’s Grocery-Price WarsIt plans 330 stores that offer food at up to 50 percent below rivals’ prices.
  32. grocery wars
    Could a Rival Grocery Chain Buy Whole Foods?Albertsons is reportedly readying a bid.
  33. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Says It’s Actually Lowering PricesIt’s centralizing purchasing to bring costs down, but that could limit selection.
  34. grocery wars
    Investors Want Whole Foods to Sell the Company to Amazon or KrogerWhole Foods’ nose-diving stock has lost almost half its value since 2013.
  35. grocery wars
    Industry Analysts Say Whole Foods’ Traffic Declines Are ‘Staggering’It’s hemorrhaging millions of customers to the competition, which now even includes Kroger.
  36. grocery wars
    How Amazon Plans to Become America’s Go-to Grocery StoreThe online retailer has been busy plotting its assault on brick-and-mortar retail.
  37. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Will Downsize for the First Time in Nearly a DecadeSix straight quarters of sales declines are forcing the company to close nine stores.
  38. the chain gang
    Whole Foods Will Open Its Affordable 365 Store in Fort GreeneIt will arrive in 2018.
  39. grocery wars
    Struggling Fairway Opens Its First Store Since Declaring BankruptcyIt’s looking to turn things around after a long decline.
  40. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Will Launch a Rewards ProgramThe struggling organic grocer is pulling out all the stops.
  41. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Launching Convenience StoresActual physical stores where customers can buy groceries.
  42. grocery wars
    Has America Finally Hit Peak Whole Foods?Many financial analysts think further expansion will be a big problem for the high-end chain.
  43. grocery wars
    Government Won’t Let Whole Foods Call Itself the ‘World’s Healthiest’ StoreThe U.S. patent office feels the term is “exaggerated praise that can’t be proven.”
  44. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Wants to Restyle Itself As the ‘World’s Healthiest Grocery Store’The company has applied to trademark the phrase as its new slogan.
  45. The Chain Gang
    The Williamsburg Whole Foods Will Open on July 26With breads from Roberta’s, skewered lobster tails from Luke’s Lobster, and lots of pricey produce, of course.
  46. Grocery Wars
    Report: The D’Agostino Grocery Chain Is for SaleKey Food is rumored to be interested.
  47. Grocery Wars
    Amazon Will Launch Its Own Private-Label FoodsThe brands could become available for Prime subscribers by the end of this month.
  48. Grocery Wars
    Here’s What to Expect From Whole Foods’ Low-Price 365 ChainRobots, for one.
  49. Grocery Wars
    Fairway Market Officially Files for BankruptcyThe company says all of its stores will stay open for the time being.
  50. Grocery Wars
    Fairway Working on Bankruptcy Deal to Keep the Struggling Chain in BusinessOwnership has reportedly tried, and failed, to sell New York’s homegrown grocery business.
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