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  1. Video Feed
    Watch a Clip From Spinning Plates, a New Food Documentary FeaturingJourney into the mind of Grant Achatz.
  2. Next
    Help Next Decide What Will Be Next on the MenuNext turns to diners for suggestions for future menus.
  3. 21st Century Limited
    A Night in the Kitchen During Alinea’s Eleven Madison Park TakeoverWe crashed the kitchen to see exactly how the superstar team-up works.
  4. Foodievents
    Website for Alinea–Eleven Madison Park Switcheroo Is Up and RunningIf Grant Achatz leaves Chicago in a train traveling 45 miles per hour …
  5. Next
    Want a Taste of Next Kyoto? Go To The AviaryRamen at The Aviary.
  6. Restaurant Swap
    Eleven Madison Park and Alinea to Swap RestaurantsCall it: Alinea Madison Park.
  7. Chefs
    Achatz Burgers: A Vision From Life’s Other SideAnother Achatz— this one running a burger joint.
  8. Alinea
    Alinea Opens Ticket Sales! Alinea Tickets Gone Already!Alinea goes to ticketing system.
  9. Chefs
    Grant Achatz Talks ‘The Next Level’ In VideoGrant Achatz talks motivation in a new video.
  10. Foodies
    Vinyl, 64 Oz. Sodas, and Other Ways Audio Is The Next Foodie FrontierVinyl is the new local, apparently.
  11. Chefs
    Video: Grant Achatz and Richard Rosendale on the Bocuse d’OrGrant Achatz and Richard Rosendale on winning the Bocuse d’Or for America.
  12. Openings
    Iliana Regan’s Elizabeth Has a Home; Achatz Recipe Mystery SolvedElizabeth gets a home, Achatz recipes evicted.
  13. Legal Trouble
    Grant Achatz and the Case of the Mysterious CanapéKellogg’s uses suspect “Actatz” recipe on website.
  14. Video Feed
    Watch Alinea Plate an 86-Ingredient Lamb DishAlinea’s latest dish has 86 things on it.
  15. Pie
    Meet The Other AchatzesA familiar name on old-fashioned pies.
  16. Sleep No More
    Alinea Has Insomia: Grant Can’t Sleep“Booze, weed, cocaine ambien, herion [sic] or cocktail of all vs Melatonin/fasting. Who r u ppl?”
  17. Other Magazines
    Alinea Who? Time Out Is On to the Next OneThere’s only one Chicago restaurant that could possibly measure as high or higher on the fabuloso-meter than Alinea.
  18. Next
    Grant Achatz Tweets Preview Image From Next Childhood E-bookThe chef has his very own GI Joe.
  19. Next
    Happy 1st Birthday, NextA year of Next coverage.
  20. Alinea
    Alinea Named Best Restaurant in the World On New ListAlinea named #1 on first edition of new list.
  21. Beef
    Did Ferran Adrià Slight Next’s El Bulli Menu?“Do not imitate Ferran Adrià,” says Ferran Adrià.
  22. Chefs
    Two of Our Favorite Chefs In Media Today: Achatz, SorkinInsights from Achatz, Sorkin.
  23. Mediavore
    BPA May Finally Be Banned; Grant Achatz Likes Little Caesar’s
  24. Mediavore
    Ludo Unveils LudoBites Cookbook; Lee Baca Under Fire for Lending CountyThe Sheriff is accused of offering the vehicles to a group of cronies, including the owner of Mister V’s Bar and Grill.
  25. Mediavore
    Cherry Hill Neighbors Oppose ‘Super Wawa’ Plans; Grant Achatz EatsPlus: Gail Simmons has an “aha” fashion moment; and food trucks make easy targets for crooks, all in out morning news roundup.
  26. Mediavore
    New Treatments for Food Allergies; Australia’s Pie Face Aiming for 50Plus: East Oakland’s food-truck crime spree, Grant Achatz’s secret fast-food vices, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  27. Alinea
    Achatz Says Alinea Tickets Coming, Talks Cooking at Home With the BoysGrant Achatz talks ticketing for Alinea, cooking with his kids at home.
  28. Next
    Last Chance (Literally) For Next El Bulli Table; Over $325,000 RaisedNext auction raises over $325,000 for cancer research.
  29. Slideshow
    Slideshow: In the Kitchen on Opening Night, Next El Bulli MenuGo behind the scenes of opening night for the latest menu at Next.
  30. Coming Soon
    ‘Simple and Rustic’ Russet Opening Next WeekThe owners were both farm-to-table practitioners long before it became just another restaurant cliche.
  31. Next
    Next Tease Gearing Up Again For El Bulli; Achatz Movie Deal SignedNext teases El Bulli menu, Achatz teases multimedia expansion
  32. Next
    Next Starts Teasing Us Again on TwitterNext teases El Bulli menu and Thai iBook.
  33. New Year’s Eve
    The $3,000 Next Dinner Reservation Does ExistThe mythical $3,000 Next kitchen table becomes a reality on New Year’s Eve.
  34. Alinea
    Alinea To Get More Theatrical, Interactive, Says AchatzAchatz explores new possibilities at industry conference.
  35. Michelin Guide
    Michelin Inspectors in Chicago Couldn’t Snag Reservations at NextEven they couldn’t get in more than once, so they didn’t review it.
  36. Next
    Relive Those Thrilling Meals of Last Summer With Next’s Paris 1906 iBookGrant Achatz, Nick Konkonas, and the Next team release their Paris 1906 book for the iPad.
  37. Next
    Next El Bulli Ticketing Details Start To Emerge… Or Slip OutNext El Bulli plans may include charity auction.
  38. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Marcel Vigneron Responds to Anthony Bourdain’s DisThe ‘Top Chef’ says he never claimed to be Dufresne or Achatz.
  39. Next
    El Bulli Menu to Be Next at Next; Lunchboxes Arriving for ChildhoodFerran Adrià will send a team to Chicago to help with the collab.
  40. Grant Achatz
    Grant Achatz Sups at HarvestMmm, cheeseburgers.
  41. Forward Thinking
    Are These Actually Grant Achatz’s Future Plans, or Is He Just Messing With Us?Would he really dare get into Southwestern cooking?
  42. Grant Achatz
    Grant Achatz Lectures at Harvard Tonight, Makes Dinner PlansThe guy has to eat. Well.
  43. Book Signing
    Sign Up to See Ferran Adrià at the Harold Washington LibraryStop reading and start signing up for tickets.
  44. The Other Critics
    Times’s Sam Sifton Thinks Next Is More Enjoyable than AlineaNext gets a thumbs up from The Grey Lady.
  45. What Could Have Been
    Grant Achatz Wanted to Do a Where the Sidewalk Ends Menu at NextUnfortunately, legal issues turned the menu-development process into a “sh-tshow.”
  46. Menu Development
    Your Guide to Grant Achatz’s Next ‘Next’ MenusAchatz hopes you’ll connect with your younger self.
  47. Video Feed
    Watch Achatz Counter Alinea’s ‘Sciencey’ ImageOf course, the salad is unlike any salad you’ve ever had.
  48. Video Feed
    Watch Chicago Chefs Pay Last Respects to El BulliAchatz and a group of Chicago chefs wish Adrià good luck.
  49. Awards
    Manny’s Deli and The Rosebud Honored with Street Signs, Which Restaurant isThis might explain why you get so hungry driving around.
  50. Flooding
    Record Rainfall Floods Basements, Ruins SausagesA number of restaurants in Chicago experienced flooding over the weekend.
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