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  1. the simple life
    Why Were 17,000 People on a Wait List for This Granola?A cereal that never goes out of style but is somehow always coming into fashion.
  2. Prize Package
    Woman Finds Small Bag of ‘High-Quality’ Cocaine in Her Granola BarShe thought she’d “won a prize.”
  3. Lawsuits
    Hall & Oates Just Sued the Maker of ‘Haulin’ Oats’ GranolaIt’s just a pun!
  4. Buy It Now
    Meet the Woman Who Just Might Restore Your Faith in GranolaShe meticulously sources each and every ingredient.
  5. Parties
    How Black Seed’s Matt Kliegman and Noah Bernamoff Throw a Bagel Brunch inFeaturing soft-scrambled eggs with butter, cream, and fish roe, the Smile’s granola, beet-cured lox, and, of course, lots of Montreal-meets-New York-style bagels
  6. News You Can Booze
    The Grateful Dead’s Beer Is Made With Granola, of CourseA Deadhead suggested the special ingredient.
  7. Grub Guides
    Rise and Shine: 12 Next-Level Breakfast Items to Make Your Mornings BetterCrown Maple Syrup, GranolaLab, and more.
  8. Bookshelf
    How to Make the Smile’s Glorious, Beloved GranolaMelia Marden shares the secret of her wildly popular (and super simple) recipe.
  9. Health Concerns
    Move Over Pink Slime: Now Granola’s Toxic, TooFirst of all it’s not even “natural,” and second, it’s totally loaded with pesticides.