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  1. Leftovers
    Oddfellows’ Gingerbread-Ice-Cream Cake; Graham Elliot Opens His GreenwichPlus: Gorilla Coffee opens on Bergen Street, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  2. Lists
    Michelin Releases 2014 Chicago Star RatingsThe city now has more starred restaurants than ever before.
  3. Lists
    Michelin Chicago Results Released Early; Alinea Holds On to Three, Grace LandsThe full list is coming up shortly.
  4. Expansions
    Graham Elliot Opening Primary Food & Drink in Greenwich, ConnecticutThe Chicago chef will cook spins on contemporary American classics.
  5. The Operating Table
    Graham Elliot Lost 91 Pounds in Less Than Two MonthsThe weight-loss solution has been effective.
  6. Video Feed
    Watch the Trailer for Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef Junior“Whip it!!! Whip like a man!!”
  7. The Operating Table
    Graham Elliot Got Some Severe-Sounding Weight-Loss SurgeryDon’t read this if you don’t want to know what a “sleeve gastrectomy” is.
  8. Festivals
    Lollapalooza’s Food Lineup Includes Edzo’s and FranksGlazed and Infused and Bar Toma will be there, too.
  9. Guest Stars
    Graham Elliot Cooking at Son of a Gun, April 8 and 9The chef will prepare a five-course dinner with Cali wines.
  10. App-etizing
    Grahamwich: The AppThere’s an app for sandwiches.
  11. TV Land
    Where to Audition For Masterchef in L.A.The show is casting confident home-cooks again for its next season.
  12. Chefs
    Bryce Caron Speaks Out on graham elliot Exit; Elliot and Andrew Zimmern atBryce Caron talks about leaving graham elliot.
  13. Exits
    Bryce Caron Leaves Graham Elliot, TooAnother chef departs Graham Elliot: Bryce Caron.
  14. Chefs
    Andrew Brochu Out at Graham ElliotAndrew Brochu’s tenure at Graham Elliot ends.
  15. Legal Trouble
    Graham Elliot Settles Waiters’ LawsuitGraham Elliot settles suit.
  16. Closings
    G.E.B. Ends Weekday Lunch For 2012G.E.B. puts an end to weekday lunch, at least for now.
  17. Events
    Elliot, Kim, Segal, Grieveson, Burrell Join Trotter For Last NightThe really, truly last night of Charlie Trotter’s will feature famous ex-employees.
  18. Imports
    Graham Elliot Reveals West Coast Expansion PlansThe chef cites the state’s product and his Masterchef shooting schedule as prime motivators.
  19. The Other Critics
    Tamarkin Says The Sauce Is Boss at Pecking Order; Kramer Finds Zen at Kai ZanNew reviews from Chicago critics.
  20. Foodievents
    Who Will Be at The L.A. Food & Wine Festival, August 9-12The three-day event offers L.A. a nice chance to catch up with the nation’s famous chefs.
  21. Chefs
    Graham Elliot To Be Inducted Into Chicago Chefs Hall of FameGraham Elliot to receive top Chicago chef honor.
  22. Chefs
    Mad Beef: Why Graham Elliot Tossed Critic Steve Dolinsky Out of G.E.B. —A prior incident gets one critic booted from the celebrity chef’s restaurant mid-meal.
  23. Chefs
    Bryce Caron Joins graham elliot To Eliminate The Position of Pastry ChefBryce Caron talks about his new gig at graham elliot.
  24. The Other Critics
    Nagrant Finds the Humanity In the Neapolitan Pizza; Sula Likes Monti’s DespiteNagrant tells a moving pizza tale, and other reviews.
  25. What To Eat
    What To Eat at G.E.B., Opening TonightMenu at G.E.B., opening tonight.
  26. Chefs
    Graham Elliot on Graham Elliot, Grahamwich, and LollapaloozaGraham Elliot talks Grahamwich, his flagship, and Lollapalooza.
  27. Chefs
    Why Graham Elliot Bistro Will Be Like The White StripesGraham Elliot talks about his new bistro.
  28. FYI
    Questlove Teaming Up with Graham ElliotGet ready for Quest Loves Food Powered by Graham Elliot, debuting next month.
  29. Chef Shuffle
    Graham Elliot Inc. Makes Moves: Brochu In, Flagship Aims For StarsGraham Elliot brings in Andrew Brochu to step up Michelin game.
  30. Neighborhood Watch
    Everything Must Go at Bleeding Heart Bakery; South Loop Getting a Pastry ShopPlus: Chicago’s best hot chocolate and Graham Elliot’s new winter menu.
  31. Chefs
    Nagrant on Today’s Tabloid ChefsChefs are becoming more celebrityish.
  32. Menu Development
    Graham Elliot Switches Up Menu FormatThe consolidation showcases the restaurant’s many tasting menus.
  33. Lists
    Check Out the Chicago Restaurants ‘Fit For Foodies’Here is where foodies apparently love to eat.
  34. Closings
    After Curtis Duffy’s Exit, Avenues ClosesNo one knows what is next for the hotel’s restaurant.
  35. Beefs
    Reason #27 (Or So) Why You Shouldn’t Spar Online with Graham ElliotGraham Elliot isn’t one to look the other way on Twitter fights.
  36. Guides
    Lollapalooza’s Chow Town by the NumbersMake sure to arrive ready to rock and ready to eat.
  37. Foodievents
    When to Eat What at LollapaloozaThere is almost too much good stuff to at a Lollapalooza this year.
  38. Neighborhood Watch
    Hamburger Hop Tickets Go On Sale; Matt Maroni Creates Crispy Falafal SandwichPlus: Sample tacos from Ryan Poli at Mercadito, and watch Graham Elliot on Chicago Live!
  39. Foodievents
    Lollapalooza’s Chow Town Lineup UnveiledLolla’s Chow Town is stacked again this year with impressive local restaurants.
  40. Quote of the Day
    Graham Elliot’s Soundtrack for SeductionGraham Elliot’s hints for love making.
  41. Video Feed
    Graham Elliot Update: Lollapalooza Confirmed and MasterChef PreviewGraham Elliot is back in the news.
  42. WTF
    Chicago Chefs Cook with PeepsIt’s the time of year to eat Peeps.
  43. Deals
    Grab Free Coffee at Grahamwich All Week LongGrahamwich offering free coffee to go.
  44. What to Eat
    Grahamwich Launches New Menu and Pricing StructureGrahamwich changes things up.
  45. Slideshow
    Chicago’s Top Chefs Cook for World Festival 2011
  46. Quote of the Day
    Why You Can’t Get Decaf Coffee at GrahamwichCoffee should come with caffeine.
  47. Truckin’
    Watch Out for the Grahambulance!Graham Elliot releases pictures of the Grahambulance.
  48. Menu Change
    Grahamwich Menu to Get Rebooted?Is Grahamwich getting all new sandwiches?
  49. Contests
    Chicago is Hot for Merlin VerrierMerlin Verrier is apparently the hottest chef in Chicago.
  50. Food TV
    Andrew Zimmern Bonds with Graham Elliot Tonight on Bizarre FoodsWatch it all tonight on the Travel Channel.
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