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  1. interviews
    Ruth Reichl on Her New Memoir, and What Gourmet Meant to Readers“It was kind of magical.”
  2. The Grub Street Diet
    Cookbook Author Ian Knauer Is Inspired by Flounder Roe, Disdains Monkey-Poo“I don’t care if it’s from a primate’s butt or New Jersey. Whatever.”
  3. App-Stained Wretches
    How Your ‘Gourmet’ App Sausage Gets Made (And Photographed)Condé Nast’s strategy for reviving the Gourmet brand? Just hire back a bunch of people who used to work for the magazine, apparently.
  4. Other Magazines
    Yet More Masthead Changes at Bon Appétit (Updated)The vice president and publisher of the company’s food brands is out.
  5. Ruth Bourdain
    Is Ruth Bourdain Going to Crash Ruth Reichl’s Gourmet ReunionWill the Twitter star show up?
  6. Quote of the Day
    One Writer Wonders Whether She Put Gourmet UnderGourmet contributor Ann Patchett was told by her generous editor Bill Sertl, “you’re the fine living part.”
  7. Following Up
    Where Are They Now? The Gourmet Masthead, One Year LaterWe follow up on the defunct magazine’s masthead.
  8. Personalities
    Ruth Reichl Sticks With Print, Is Now a Book EditorReichl will be an editor-at-large for Random House — and an author!
  9. App-etizing
    Scandal! ‘Gourmet Live’ Accidentally Endorses Liquor CorporationThe new app’s cocktail guide was created by a “spirits ambassador.”
  10. App-etizing
    ‘Gourmet Live’ Is Live, and Full of Easter EggsThe erstwhile magazine’s legacy lives on through an (only slightly zombie-esque) iPad app.
  11. Other Magazines
    Zombie Gourmet Rises With Special-Edition SeriesThe first, Gourmet Quick Kitchen, features speedy recipes from the magazine’s archives.
  12. Mediavore
    Gulf Fisheries Start to Reopen; New Yojie Plans ExpansionThe next step is convincing consumers the fish is safe. Meanwhile, a weak economy is opening the door to franchise ambitions.
  13. Mediavore
    Lady Gaga Wears Leotard to Table 52; Gourmet Not Coming Back YetMediavore, Lady Gaga, Table 52, Gourmet
  14. App-Etizing
    The Gourmet iPad App Might Have Original ContentDoes an open call for “editorial and production talent” mean the brand won’t be a zombie?
  15. App-etizing
    Gourmet to Return in App FormRuth Reichl is not impressed.
  16. Mediavore
    Green City Market Sets Attendance Record; Grocery Bistro MovesPlus: Gordon Ramsey gets sued, Taco Bell announces new $2 lunch deal, and black produce are the new ramps.
  17. Mediavore
    McDonald’s Eyes Beverage Market; Gourmet Readers DisappearPlus: another lawsuit for Gordon Ramsay, and Sandra Lee prepares for first lady possibilities, all in our morning news roundup.
  18. Mediavore
    Rizzo Mural Building Changes Hands; McDonald’s Eyes Cold BeveragesPlus: Gourmet readers disappear, and another lawsuit for Gordon Ramsay, all in our morning news roundup.
  19. Mediavore
    Harvard Club Closed Until Graduation; McDonald’s Eyes Cold BeveragesPlus: Gourmet readers disappear, and another lawsuit for Gordon Ramsay, all in our morning news roundup.
  20. Other Magazines
    Gourmet Re-Hires Some StaffConde Nast is hiring people back for ‘the Gourmet brand,’ including former Executive Chef Sara Moulton.
  21. Baby Ruth
    New Beginnings: Reichl Considers Non-Food Gig, Coffee Bar Courts Ex-GorillasRuth Reichl on Twitter, her latest book, and a possible new gig. Plus, the latest on the Gorilla Coffee walkout.
  22. Other Magazines
    Will Gourmet Make a Comeback?As a “custom magazine”?
  23. Announcements
    Hi There, San FranciscoEditor Jay Barmann officially joins the Grub Street team.
  24. Gourmet from the Grave
    Ruth Reichl Reviews Gourmet’s Revolution with Jonathan GoldTwo editors and one former writer look back on their contributions to the departed food magazine.
  25. Mediavore
    Jay-Z Loses Restaurant Lawsuit; Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gobbles DonutsA rap star doesn’t get his way and an MTV star gets stuffed.
  26. Mediavore
    Les Nomades Founder Dies; Gourmet Staffers Flock to AOLPlus: record crops of shrimp and corn, and kosher food’s rise in popularity, all in our morning news roundup.
  27. Mediavore
    Gourmet Staffers in at AOL; Kosher Food Big With GentilesPlus: Good luck smuggling that salami through Customs, and Pat Kiernan on his favorite foods, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. Mediavore
    Chefs Love Charcuterie; Gourmet Staffers in at AOLPlus: good luck smuggling that salami, and gentiles love kosher food, all in our morning news roundup.
  29. Other Magazines
    Gourmet, the Magazine of Good CollectorsThe last twelve issues of Gourmet now cost $100.
  30. Marketing Gimmicks
    Let Bon Appétit Be Your SommelierThe magazine is the latest to launch a wine club.
  31. Refrigerator Review
    Ruth Reichl Opens Her Fridge For the PublicRuth Reichl reveals what she eats at home.
  32. Other Magazines
    Bon App’s Barbara Fairchild is a Food PopulistThe editor of ‘Bon Appetit’ embraces all flavors.
  33. Other Magazines
    Was Gourmet Too Good?A journalism professor hypothesizes that Gourmet’s death wasn’t its readers’ fault.
  34. Mediavore
    222 Pound Meatball Breaks World Record; Luxe Hotels Plans City Center RenovationA New Hampshire Italian restaurant makes the world’s largest meatball while Luxe Hotels has designs on the City Center Holiday Inn.
  35. Other Magazines
    Will Edible San Francisco Follow in Gourmet’s Footsteps?Local progressive food magazine is looking for a cash infusion but its publisher says it’s not in danger of closing.
  36. Liquor
    ROOT Puts Down Roots in Last GourmetRoot gets a mention in Gourmet’s swan song
  37. Other Magazines
    Bon Appétit Shrinks As Food Network Magazine GrowsAfter killing ‘Gourmet’, Condé is said to have cut staff at ‘Bon Appétit.’
  38. Mediavore
    Michelin Picks Parsed; Guy Fieri Impersonated
  39. Mediavore
    Chef Jason Travi Won’t Return to Fraiche; Final Gourmet Issue Hits TheFraiche loses its founding chef, and Gourmet’s final issue is available today.
  40. Mediavore
    Death In A Restaurant Parking Lot; Gourmet’s Final Issue Out TodayPlus: Padma’s longing ex-boyfriend; Guy Fieri imposters run rampant
  41. Bookshelf
    No Royalties for RuthWho profits off of the new ‘Gourmet’ cookbook?
  42. Mediavore
    Ruth Reichl Ditches Gourmet Tribute; Villariagosa Wagers with Pink’s Hot DogsMayor Villaraigosa puts Pink’s hot dogs on the line against Philly, while Ruth Reichl misses a party held for Gourmet.
  43. Mediavore
    More Groceries for Hyde Park; Ruth Reichl Skips Gourmet PartyPlus: Rocco DiSpirito’s musical dreams, and mac and cheese for hipsters, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Mediavore
    Northwestern Nixes Cafeteria Trays; Reichl Skips Out On Gourmet PartyPlus: Macaroni and cheese has a moment in the sun; farmers protest by setting hay on fire
  45. Mediavore
    Ruth Reichl Skips Gourmet Party; Rocco’s Musical AmbitionsPlus: Mac and cheese for hipsters, and a Café des Artistes resurrection, all in our morning news roundup.
  46. Other Magazines
    Gourmet, Resurrected?Ruth Reichl hears talk of “TV, books, and even a yearly publication” from her former pals at Condé Nast.
  47. Mediavore
    Felony Franks Courts Controvery; Gourmet’s Cause of DeathPlus: boneless chicken wings have their moment, and Ferran Adria considers tapas, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. Mediavore
    Pho Hoa Damaged in Fire; Dogfish Menace Mass. FisheriesPlus: Gourmet’s cause of death, and a moment for boneless chicken wings, all in our morning news roundup.
  49. Mediavore
    Bagatelle Expands Uptown; Gourmet’s Cause of DeathPlus: Death & Co. looks west, and boneless chicken wings have their moment, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. Radio Craves
    Good Food Stars Stefan Richter on Finnish Pie, J. Gold onStefan Richter lands on a star-studded foodie radio show.
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