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Got Milk?

  1. Vitamin D
    Coke Vows Its New Premium Milk Will ‘Rain Money’That’s why it’s got a horrifically sexist ad campaign.
  2. Got Milk?
    Now There’s Vodka Made From MilkCereal milk vodka is next, obviously.
  3. Foodievents
    Got Milk? Transforming Venice To MootopiaBut might freebies on Fourth of July weekend turn it into Hell?
  4. Celebrity Settings
    The First Lady Eats at Mozza, Pink’s, and Lucques; Pee-Wee Herman Tries Red OAll celebrity news pales in comparison to Michelle Obama coming to town.
  5. Video Feeds
    Simi Valley High School Rocks the Milkquarious Video ContestSanta Susana gets a cool $20,000 for its efforts.
  6. Mediavore
    ‘Got Milf?’ Shirts Offend ‘Got Milk?’ Team; Nazarian’s Hotel Plans Slow DownWhile the “Got Milk?” campaign creators mull legal action against a racy knockoff, Sam Nazarian’s hotel ambitions have taken a hit from today’s economic climate.