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Gorilla Coffee

  1. Leftovers
    Oddfellows’ Gingerbread-Ice-Cream Cake; Graham Elliot Opens His GreenwichPlus: Gorilla Coffee opens on Bergen Street, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  2. Coming Soon
    Gorilla Coffee Opening Second Shop Near Barclays CenterWake up and smell the Gorilla.
  3. Gowanus
    Long Defined by Its Odoriferous Canal, Gowanus Is Starting to Smell a LittleThe neighborhood has become something of a food hub.
  4. Objection!
    Gorilla Coffee Case Is Now a Defamation Case StudyOverruled!
  5. The Grub Street Diet
    Chef Gabrielle Hamilton Is As Tired of Expensive Coffee As She Is of Her“I’ve eaten every meal with utensils, sitting down; that’s not my normal, so that’s civilized.”
  6. The Grub Street Diet
    ‘Cocktail Historian’ David Wondrich Sets Punch Aflame in His“After sipping cocktails all afternoon … beer is just, like, oh hell yes.”
  7. Lawsuits
    Is Gorilla Brewing a Lawsuit Against Ex-Employees and the Times?The paper and the employees who went to it are alleged to have engaged in “egregious, wanton, reckless and negligent conduct.”
  8. Slideshow
    First Look: SCRATCHbread Rises in Bed-Stuy“A miracle got me here, and now it’s time to really start rocking,” says Matthew Tilden.
  9. Reopenings
    Gorilla Coffee ReopensThe troubled Park Slope roasters are up and at it again.
  10. Mediavore
    Voluntary Salt Reduction Spreads; NYC Wine Debuts in MayPlus: The Empire Diner will close, and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. Neighborhood Watch
    A Multi-Chef, Asian-Food Extravaganza; Half-Price Wine at CompassPlus: outdoor seating at the General Greene, and Earth Day cupcakes at Magnolia, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  12. Baby Ruth
    New Beginnings: Reichl Considers Non-Food Gig, Coffee Bar Courts Ex-GorillasRuth Reichl on Twitter, her latest book, and a possible new gig. Plus, the latest on the Gorilla Coffee walkout.
  13. Peacing Out
    Gorilla Coffee Trainer: ‘It’s Crazy to Lose the Whole Staff’Inside the defection at one of the city’s most esteemed roasters.
  14. Mediavore
    New Yorkers Dine on Rabbits; Florida Grows Cheap StrawberriesPlus: Tipping is everywhere in New York, and powdered-drink prices could rise, all in our morning news roundup.
  15. Coffee Wars
    Has the Stumptown Backlash Begun?A Portland refugee speaks out against the coffee roaster du jour.