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  1. food media
    How Celebrity Chefs Warped Our View of Real-World Restaurant Abuse“I realized, this is abnormal.”
  2. food television
    Seriously, Why Does This Gordon Ramsay Show Exist?Does the world really need a travel show starring Gordon Ramsay?
  3. animal friends
    Internet Convinced Gordon Ramsay Is a Furry“Something’s coming … ”
  4. food tv
    New Orleans Restaurant Sues Gordon Ramsay Over Old Kitchen Nightmares EpisodeOwners of Oceana Grill claim a 2011 episode of Kitchen Nightmares was “fabricated” and hurt its business when an old clip hit social media this month.
  5. the feeding tube
    Now There’s an Animated Gordon Ramsay to Terrorize CartoonsHe has a very true-to-life cameo on Amazon’s new Rocky and Bullwinkle series.
  6. Chefs and Critics Are Fed Up With Gordon Ramsay’s Cartoonish Bully ActIt’s time for the man who built his career on abuse to find a new shtick.
  7. the feeding tube
    Gordon Ramsay Fails Are Proof That Sometimes the Internet Is GoodGrab the popcorn and watch his disastrous pad Thai, his horrible rendang technique, and his subpar onion-chopping.
  8. twitter beefs
    Vegans Are Officially Fed Up With Gordon Ramsay’s Constant TrollingIt might be time for the celeb chef to find a new target.
  9. news you can booze
    Gordon Ramsay Endorses Korean Beer Described As ‘Worst in the World’“Hope they paid you well enough to lose all credibility.”
  10. twitter rants
    Gordon Ramsay Calls Renowned Chef Michel Roux an ‘Old Fart’ for Banning PhotosHe tweeted that the Waterside Inn’s ban is “bloody pompous.”
  11. the feeding tube
    Watch Gordon Ramsay Cook Scrambled Eggs Over, and Over, and OverIf you haven’t picked up on the technique by now.
  12. charitable causes
    You Can Help Force Gordon Ramsay to Eat Pineapple PizzaHe vows to consume this “f**king god-awful” crime against pizza if enough people donate to a charity.
  13. the feeding tube
    Gordon Ramsay Is Opening a Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant in VegasHe promises to re-create the “live essence” of the long-running reality show.
  14. cookbooks
    Gordon Ramsay’s 14-Year-Old Daughter Signs Cookbook DealTilly Ramsay’s book will feature 60 recipes and tips from her famous dad.
  15. Video Feed
    MasterChef Junior Gets a Lot More Interesting When It’s Dubbed WithGordon Ramsay’s lines change quite a bit.
  16. Drama
    Amy’s Baking Company Owner Attacks Gordon Ramsay in Latest Rant“The show was as fake as Gordon’s hair.”
  17. The Feeding Tube
    That Disastrous Kitchen Nightmares Couple Is Trying to Sell TheirThe owners of Amy’s Baking Company have finally decided to throw in the towel.
  18. Television
    MasterChef Junior Names Its Latest Adorable WinnerNathan Odom makes a mean tea tart.
  19. Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay Suffered a Major Legal Blow Over the Rent of His London PubHe’ll be out $1 million a year, plus legal fees, as a result.
  20. The Feeding Tube
    Momofuku’s Christina Tosi Joins MasterChef Junior and OriginalShe’s replacing Joe Bastianich.
  21. Gordon Ramsay
    A Rival Chef Sabotaged Gordon Ramsay’s New Restaurant With Tons of FakeHeddon Street Kitchen had 100 no-shows for 140 tables.
  22. Overnights
    MasterChef Junior Recap: Okay, This Is Pretty AdorableThe show is much more entertaining than you might think.
  23. Empire Building
    Gordon Ramsay Is Looking to Sell Off Half His Restaurant EmpireThe deal could value the struggling company at $123 million.
  24. Emo Gordo
    A Short History of Gordon Ramsay’s Softer Side Post-KitchenHis long-running show is over, so now he’s ready to cuddle?
  25. Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay Has Opened 49 Restaurants in His Career — and Seen 23 CloseThe British chef has at least three more projects in the pipeline, too.
  26. Closings
    Gordon Ramsay at the London Is Finally, Mercifully, ClosingMaze will remain open.
  27. Video Feed
    The Amy’s Baking Company Couple Is Back, Threatening to Stab Someone“You’re going to go to jail for the rest of your life,” an onlooker said.
  28. Empire Building
    Gordon Ramsay Decides Now’s the Best Time to Open an Atlantic CityHe’s coming to Caesars in early 2015.
  29. The Feeding Tube
    Gordon Ramsay Forbids His Daughter to Swear on Her New Cooking ShowDaughter Tilly’s forthcoming CBBC show will be F-bomb free.
  30. Quote of the Day
    Jacques Pépin Has a Few Problems With Hell’s Kitchen“I believe it is a disservice to our trade and to young people who want to go into this business,” he said also.
  31. Bad Ideas
    A Guy Got a Gordon Ramsay Butt Tattoo With ‘Ramsay’ MisspelledEvery food writer learns early in their career that it’s not spelled “Ramsey.”
  32. The Feeding Tube
    Over 60 Percent of the Restaurants on ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Are NowSeason two was particularly rough.
  33. The Feeding Tube
    Gordon Ramsay Announces End of Kitchen Nightmares “It’s sad to say goodbye to Kitchen Nightmares but I’ll be continuing with my other shows.”
  34. Quote of the Day
    Gordon Ramsay Says Reality TV Is Just As Good As Live SportsIt’s all about dealing with pressure.
  35. Lawsuits
    Former Fat Cow Partner Sues Gordon Ramsay for $10 MillionEveryone wants to get some chuck from Gordon.
  36. Emo Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Shells Out $2 Million for Restaurant That Launched His CareerHow sweet.
  37. Beluga
    Gordon Ramsay’s Got One Foolproof Instant Ramen HackIt’s called Sevruga.
  38. Sad Face
    Gordon Ramsay ‘Started Crying’ After Losing Michelin Stars in NewIt was just like “losing a girlfriend.”
  39. Watch Your Tongue
    Chef Sues Gordon Ramsay at the London After Allegedly Cutting Tongue on BurgerMarcus Barthel says he can no longer work as a professional chef.
  40. Popping Mad
    Gordon Ramsay Lost a Bottle of Champagne at Qatar AirportHe’d rather see a smoking ban than a Champagne ban.
  41. Video Feed
    Watch Gordon Ramsay Tell Some Adorable Christmas JokesWhy did the ketchup blush? Because he saw the salad dressing.
  42. Casting
    MasterChef Junior Casting Season 2Time to perfect the brunoise.
  43. Video Feed
    Watch Gordon Ramsay Face Off Against the Swedish ChefThe “Final Plating” sequence is a real nail-biter.
  44. Foiemaggedon
    Animal Rights Group Persuades Joël Robuchon to Drop Controversial Foie GrasThe chef’s announcement comes a week after Gordon Ramsay said he’d suspend business with the France-based Soulard company.
  45. Foiemageddon
    Ramsay, Ducasse, More Top Chefs Called to Abandon Foie Gras After Cruelty“Ducks lie dead and dying, and many have painful eye injuries and abscesses.”
  46. Hotels
    The London Hotel Could Be Yours for $500 MillionGet those Michelin sparklers back, if you feel like it.
  47. Quote of the Day
    MasterChef Junior’s Sarah Lane on the Perils Faced by Pint-SizeIt’s hard to garnish the plate when you can’t reach the pass.
  48. Feats
    Gordon Ramsay Completes Ironman World ChampionshipOn Twitter, the chef said the experience was more intense than opening a restaurant.
  49. R.I.P.
    MasterChef Contestant Josh Marks Has DiedThe Chicago native had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
  50. The Feeding Tube
    Gordon Ramsay Is Just a Tragic WorkaholicHis expletive-filled antics are really just the tears of a clown, or something.
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