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Good Signs

  1. Good Signs
    This Awesome All-Emoji Cocktail Menu May Be Too Clever for Its Own GoodSomewhere in tiki heaven, Don the Beachcomber is laughing. Or maybe sexting a friend.
  2. Reopenings
    Famous West Village Bar Chumley’s Should Be Reopening Any Month NowIt’s been closed for seven years.
  3. Bad Signs
    Why Did NYC Fine Saltie for This Totally Normal Sign?“You are only allowed to use 18” of space extending from your storefront. Any sandwich boards or planters beyond that are illegal.”
  4. Good Signs
    West Village Bar Chumley’s Got Its Famous Door BackSpeakeasy and carry a large gimlet.
  5. Good Signs
    Dunkin’ Donuts Didn’t Want Iconic Doughnut Sign to Ruin Look of Its,A plan has been hatched among the community’s businesses to save the sign.