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Golden Corral

  1. Awful Things
    A Man Claims His Golden Corral Chili Contained a Snaggletoothed Rat Head“I was like, ‘Maybe, you know, sometimes you get a hard bean inside.’”
  2. The Meat Locker
    Restaurant Food Purveyor Sysco Accused of Storing Meat in Outdoor ShedsThis has nothing to do with dry-aged beef.
  3. Video Feed
    Golden Corral Employee Accuses Buffet of Storing Food Next to TrashVideo allegedly shows uncooked food being stored outside in the summer sun.
  4. Mediavore
    New Health Benefits Found in Curries; Freebird’s Flying to The MidwestTurns out the Indian mainstays are pros when it come to lowering blood triglyceride levels.