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Go Ask Alice

  1. Go Ask Alice
    José Andrés Dreads the Wrath of Alice Waters“Every time she comes to the restaurant, I’m scared. I’m like, where is this asparagus coming from?”
  2. Go Ask Alice
    Levi’s to Fête Alice and All Her Edible SchoolchildrenA couple of foodievents are coming up in S.F. celebrating the great lady’s Edible Schoolyards program as it relates to printmaking.
  3. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Shares the Gospel With MarthaThe mother of slow wants you to put away your cookbooks.
  4. Go Ask Alice
    What?! Alice Waters Has a Young, Blond Lover?
  5. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Wants More Air TimeOur Lady of Locavores is contemplating a PBS series.
  6. Video Feed
    Alice Waters Tells Bill Maher Her Master Cleanse SecretsThe doyenne of both locavorism and ‘liberal Berkeley elitism’ talks to Bill Maher about saving the nation from itself.
  7. Go Ask Alice
    Why Does Alice Waters Inspire So Many Haters?The ‘lightning rod for Berkeley elitism’ gets reamed once more in a national publication.
  8. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Will Not Abide Anyone’s Love for Iceberg LettuceIn answer to a friend’s admission of a love for the crunchy lettuce, Alice sent a care package of fifteen small heads of French lettuces to try.
  9. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Wants Celeb Chefs to Stop Cloning Their RestaurantsWe won’t be seeing a Chez Panisse Mandalay Bay anytime soon.