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Go Ask Alice

  1. Food Politics
    Even in Good-Food-Obsessed Berkeley, High School Students Eat JunkIt’s a microcosm of a much bigger problem.
  2. Go Ask Alice
    Behold Alice Waters’s Garlic HatShe wore it to a screening of the 1980 documentary, ‘Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers.’
  3. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Is Sorry She Ever Called Those Sprinklers Ugly’I won’t complain about the way it looks anymore.’
  4. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Wants In on Tosca Project
  5. Anniversaries
    Roli Roti Rings in Ten Years at Chez Panisse Pop-UpAlice and founder Thomas Odermatt go way back.
  6. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Loves Her Mulberry Ice Cream, Rosé on Ice
  7. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Involved in New SFMOMA Restaurant? [Updated]We’re still at the rumor stage, but she hinted to a magazine that she has a museum restaurant up her sleeve.
  8. Go Ask Alice
    Chez Panisse Contingent, Sans Alice, Heading to CubaIt’s a culinary/diplomatic mission to encourage more sustainable, local eating.
  9. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Seduces Everyone With Her EggsA NYT writer experiences Alice, the chef, in her home kitchen.
  10. Go Ask Alice
    Is Alice Waters the Milli Vanilli of Chefs?Our rock-star comparisons prompted at least one reader to ask the old question, ‘Was Waters ever really a chef?’ And who should chime in but Jeremiah Tower.
  11. Video Feed
    Alice Waters Sounds Sad, Surprised About Café Fanny Closure; Vaguely HintsWaters says she, too, was “shocked that it had to happen to so quickly.”
  12. Closings
    Café Fanny, Named for Alice Waters’s Daughter, Closing After 28 YearsThey’ve apparently been struggling for a while, and may get re-concepted.
  13. Lists
    Tartine’s Chad Robertson, Alice Waters, Bi-Rite’s Sam Mogannam AllAlso, see a video of Robertson discussing his philosophy around bread.
  14. Foodievents
    Taste the Nation’s Best Pickles, Jams, Coffee, Etc. at the Good FoodThe second annual Good Food Awards celebrates artisanal products from around the nation, and afterwards they’ll be for sale.
  15. Community Bored
    A Berkeley Neighborhood Doesn’t Look Kindly on a Market Trying to Make aMonterey Market has been carrying stuff like booze and cheese in order to compete with Whole Foods, but a coalition of local merchants and neighbors says they’re being unfairly competitive with other small businesses.
  16. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters: Early BloomerDetails on her first kiss!
  17. Go Ask Alice
    Waters in China: More Details About the Organic Feast for 250Alice had them pull out all the fluorescent lighting.
  18. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Visits China, Troubled to Find No Organic DuckShe’s on a joint cultural-diplomatic mission with a gang of American celebrities.
  19. Celebrity Settings
    Ruth Reichl Brunches With Alice Waters at Zuni; Nancy Silverton Fêted at CaminoRuth was in town to help judge the Good Food Awards.
  20. Go Ask Alice
    The Last Chez Panisse/Alice Waters Tribute Piece of the WeekJohn Birdsall’s sort of new angle on the Chez Panisse legacy is a back-handed compliment.
  21. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jenna Bush Walk Into a Garden …Jake lends Alice a celebrity hand in promoting the Edible Schoolyard on the ‘Today’ show.
  22. Go Ask Alice
    The Chron Bows Down Before AliceIn honor of the 40th anniversary week, the ‘Chron’ goes hog-wild with adoring coverage.
  23. Anniversaries
    Alice Waters, Sofia Coppola, Dave Eggers to Hand Out Free Lunches Near UnionAlso, David Byrne will be there, possibly playing music.
  24. Community Bored
    Fresh Vegetables Might Get a Michigan Woman Thrown in the CanA woman faces 93 days in jail because she put vegetable beds in her front yard instead of grass.
  25. Foodies With Benefits
    Get Up Close and Personal With Alice Waters for $100KFlash sale site One Kings Lane has four packages up for grabs until July 1.
  26. Anniversaries
    Chez Panisse to Celebrate 40 Years With Events at the Berkeley Art Museum,A week of festivities kicks off on August 26.
  27. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Was Once a Carhop; Rachael Ray Washed Dishes at HoJoShe also admits to being a bit of bad girl in her teens.
  28. Presidential Eats
    Alice Waters to Cook for Two Michelle Obama-Hosted Fundraisers Next Week in theThe two events will be at the Claremont Hotel and the Golden State Warriors’ practice facility on Tuesday.
  29. Go Ask Alice
    Gourmet Live Loves Alice Waters; the Journal Grills Her onThe grande dame of locavorism gets some national media love on two fronts.
  30. Funnies
    Alice Admits She’s Ruth Bourdain, Ramada Inns Install Speakeasies, andAlso, a satirical essay about an ‘extreme urban homesteading’ outfit called Guerilla Greens.
  31. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Scraps Greek Theater Plan for Chez Panisse AnniversaryVia Twitter, Alice hopes to raise a bunch of money for The Edible Schoolyard. And the 40th anniversary of Chez Panisse will be more of a swarm of smaller events.
  32. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Heading to Twitter HQ to Pimp Edible SchoolyardThe big announcement, as expected, is about Edible Schoolyards.
  33. Go Ask Alice
    DEVELOPING: Alice Joins TwitterShe has 2,000 followers just 12 or so hours in.
  34. Quote of the Day
    BREAKING: Alice Waters’s Daughter Fanny Will Occasionally Eat aThe 27-year-old PhD student is in a bit of a “passion-fruit indulgence phase” right now, and sometime spends $150 on twelve limes.
  35. Foodievents
    Chez Panisse to Throw Massive Party at the Berkeley GreekThe guest list: 5,000.
  36. Celebrity Settings
    Jane Fonda Drops in on Chez Panisse For New Year’s, Reveals Alice’sWe have confirmation of Alice’s status as an active cougar!
  37. Causes
    Jake Gyllenhaal Now An Official Alice Waters AcolyteThe younger Gyllenhaal is committed to making more schoolyards edible.
  38. Beef
    Chez Panisse Responds to Michelin Snub“Although Ms. Waters respects the traditions upon which the Michelin Guide bases its awards, she acknowledges that they aren’t the same traditions upon which Chez Panisse has built its reputation and success over the years.”
  39. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Likes Ippuku Too, Apparently Doesn’t Read the PapersShe wishes the Berkeley restaurant could be kept a secret. It’s a little late for that.
  40. Funnies
    Don Some Alice Waters Drag This HalloweenAll you need is a purple hat, some scarves, and some “vegetables that you can gaze upon beatifically.”
  41. Ink-Stained Wretches
    The Journal Just Adores Quaint, ‘Funky’ Little S.F.The WSJ seems to think taquerias are called “burrito bars.”
  42. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Fondly Recalls the Sea Urchin Sandwich That Changed Her LifeThe great lady discusses her favorite vineyard in the world.
  43. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Never Plays Bad Cop, And Fired Employees Always Seem to Love HerAccording to a new book about leadership styles, Alice always has someone else do her firing for her.
  44. Go Ask Alice
    New Study Gives Alice Waters Fresh Ways to Dismiss Her HatersOf 238 Berkeley schoolkids tracked, the ones who learned how to garden were more likely to eat their spinach.
  45. Go Ask Alice
    It’s Alice’s Kitchen, Those Vegetables Only Live ThereThe Lady Waters lets ‘Vanity Fair’ into her home kitchen.
  46. Locavores
    Foodshed Project Adds Middleman Between Farm and TableThe SF Foodshed Project provides a new link in the supply chain between growers and large food service operations like the St. Regis Hotel.
  47. Go Ask Alice
    Mountain Lion Terrorizes Chez Panisse, Gets Shot By CopsBe on the lookout for “local lion” on nearby menus.
  48. Mediavore
    Alice Unveils Her New Edible Schoolyard Poster; Jamie Oliver Won an EmmyThe new poster for the Edible Schoolyards program puts “Eating” above “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.”
  49. Foodievents
    Ruth Reichl to Judge, Alice to Host Good Food Awards in JanuaryThe Slow Food SF folks are hosting a month-long festival in January celebrating artisanal prepared foods.
  50. Foodievents
    What You Missed at the Levi’s-Alice Waters FêteThat pop-up print shop on Valencia hosted a dinner last night for Alice and a printmaker she often uses for her menus.
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